Monday, July 14, 2008

Friends doing Big Things- Riot Games reveals itself to the Public

After two years of keeping themselves locked up in their secret laboratories, FoundTrack Friends Brandon (2007 Halloween Party co-host) and Marc have announced their top secret baby to the world, in the form of a new video game studio, Riot Games. The industry is currently abuzz with tons of news, as the 2008 E3 video game conference is under way.

While little is known about what the Riot Team has been constructing over the past 2 years, we do know that they've raised $7 Million and have a team of 30 to do their dirty work! We here at FoundTrack have a hard time saving up $7 to get a combo at Jack in the Box ;-)~ All I can say is that having known these guys from way back when we started rocking cardinal and gold at 'SC, expect something uber fun. Until then, take a peep at this teaser image from their badass art director, Hokyo Lim... you're guess as to what their brewing is as good as ours:

** Learn more about Riot Games and their awesome company culture at the official site

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