Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : F.I.L.A. (Found in LA) June 2-8th

Monday June 2nd
Afternoons, Warpaint, Kenan Bell, Gus Black @ Spaceland (FREE Monday Residency in June)
Rumspringa, Dawes, Darren Weiss, Clyde Wrenn @ Echo (FREE Monday Residency in June)
IO Echo, In Waves @ Viper Room
Aimee Mann @ Largo (At the Coronet)
Beck @ Echo - Secret Show?

Tuesday June 3rd
Aimee Mann @ Amoeba (FREE w/live stream)
Looner, Mishka, Little Jackie @ Viper Room
Little Red Radio @ Silverlake Lounge

Wednesday June 4th
Ed Harcourt, Army Navy @ Spaceland (CLUB NME)

The Whigs, The Henry Clay People , Le Switch @ Echo
The Long Blondes, Castledoor
@ Troubadour
Billabong's 2nd Annual Design For Humanity @ Avalon - feat. DJ Steve Aoki and MGMT
Repeater, Veil Veil Vanish, Syndicate @ Boardner's (CLUB MOSCOW)

Thursday June 5th
The Chapin Sisters, Birds and Batteries, Dame Satan @ Silverlake Lounge
Manimal Vinyl Presents Rainbow Arabia, Geneva Jacuzzi, Siddhartha, Corridor @ Spaceland
The Black Angels, Darker My Love, Lower Heaven @ Troubadour
George Clinton @ Crash Mansion
Lakers vs Celtics - GM1 of the NBA Finals
KCRW Presents Steve Reynolds, Pedestrian, Gus Black @ Hotel Cafe
Gir School Presents Chester French, Kenan Bell, New Kingdom @ Viper Room

Friday June 6th
The Wombats, Pop Noir, Maryandi @ Roxy
Living Legends, Blue & Exile @ Henry Fonda
The Mountain Goats, Annuals
@ Natural History Museum (First Fridays)
Pizza, Pigeons or Panthers, Brother, No Paws (No Lions) @ Pehrspace

Saturday June 7th
Frog Eyes, Thailand @ Echo
Firewater CD Release, Miss Deringer, Nico Stai @ Roxy
KCRW Presents Los Campesinos!, Parenthetical Girls, Abe Vigoda @ Troubadour
Tyde @ Smell
Paul Tompkins w/Ben Lee @ Largo (Coronet)

Sunday June 8th
No Age, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Haim @ Smell
KCRW Presents Brad Meldhau @ El Rey
Flobots @ Troubadour
Bob Dylan's American Journey '56-'66 @ Skirball Cultural Center (Last Day of Exhibit)

KCRW Presents

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bugatti Veyron "Sang Noir" Edition

A few months ago we featured the Hermes Edition of the Bugatti Veyron (a car which is evidently capable of racing a jet fighter). Looks like those crazy mad scientists at Bugatti are at it again- this time they've revealed the "Sang Noir" edition.. which translated in French basically means "Blood Black" or "Pure Black." The car is almost entirely made of black exterior components... some of them are carbon fiber to reduce weight.

Contrasting this awesome pool of darkness is the bold orange interior. I don't know about you, but Bugatti might be trudging on Batman's territory with this one...

Source- AutomoBlog

The Neon Art of Kent Rogowski

Artist Kent Rogowski is well known for a sense of irony in his works... several other blogs have featured his work, and he is well known for his series of "inside out Bears" (such as the one seen below). That said, my favorite of his pieces is actually a neon tube work he did, as seen above... Love the airy and mysterious, yet hopeful feel to it.

Those of you in New York can checkout his exhibit "Love = Love" at the Jen Bekman Gallery until June 14, 2008.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Somethign for the Ladies- Patricia Fields collection at... Payless?!

I don't really know anything about women's shoes, but from a design standpoint, these look pretty cool (I'd date you if you wore them, though I'm not too sure about the rest of the collection). These are the latest part of a collaboration between costumer, designer and stylist Patricia Field, and low cost shoe source, Payless. I think this is the first time we've ever featured a pair of shoes that were under $50 on this site. Woah.

Available at Payless online.

More on Patricia Field at her Wikipedia entry


New RZA as Bobby Digital video! "You Can't Stop me Now"

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. The RZA's craziest alter ego, Bobby Digital is back at it and has a new record coming out soon entitled "Digi Snax." For all of you that think the RZA's production was weak on the Wu Tang Clan's recent LP "8 Diagrams," I beg to differ. Checkout the video to Bobby's first single "You Can't Stop me Now"... you either get it or you don't.


The Future of DJing- Visual Turntables by Sensing Sounds

The British product designer, Scott Hobbs, has come up with an insane new concept tool for DJs as part of his Sensing Sounds project. Hobbs has essentially come up with touch screen surfaces that allow you to manipulate an audio waveform- If that sounds like jargon to you, it's essentially a "visual turntable." Serato and Technics 1200 turntables beware? You DJs out there can be the judge of that. For now checkout this video and be amazed:

Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.


Interview with Actor Christian Bale

Must be a sign... I was about to post this, and low and behold Jini just posted THIS. Anyhow, go ahead and read this interview from the new issue of Details if you're a fan of mister Christian Bale, or just a fan of film and the craft of acting in general. I've selected two of my favorite questions and answers below:

In the past you've said you sometimes start telling people stories about things you did as a kid and then realize that you never actually did those things.
"To be honest, it happens a lot. There are so many things which, even knowing that it was in a movie, I still feel like I've been through. And then I have to really rack my brain to work out "Have I actually been through that in my life?" There are occasions when I've pretended to be in a firefight, and then there are people who have really been in a firefight. Clearly it's absolutely ridiculous, and even disrespectful, to suggest that I understand what that is. And it deserves a very hard smack across the face for any actor to ever suggest that they understand. But the power of delusion is incredibly strong."

When was the last time you were mistaken for someone else?
"Yesterday afternoon I was sitting somewhere and somebody started chatting. They said they were an agent, and they asked what I do, and I said, "I'm an actor." And they said, "Oh, how's that going for you?" I said, "I think it's all right." And they said, do I have an agent?
"Yes, I have an agent."
"Well, if you ever need any help getting work, give me a call."
So I said, "Thanks very much." I think the best one ever was when a casting director saw me in a hotel lobby and practically ran at me, holding a script: "Thank god I've finally found you! We have this movie that you're perfect for, and this is an amazing coincidence. The director and producer are not going to believe it, that I just bumped into you! We've been talking about how perfect you are for this role for so long! Finally, I met Christian Slater."
"Christian Bale."
"Excuse me?"
"I said, 'Christian Bale.'"
And she went, "Oh, I'm sorry," took the script, and walked away."

Full interview from the June 2008 issue of Details Magazine, here

FoundTrack June 2008 Compilation Cover Art

Check Out the Newest Mix Here !

Check Out the FoundTrack Archive Here !

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MSTRKRFT - DJ session

For those who aren't in the know, BBC's Radio 1 is the best UK radio station ever*, especially for promoting new and quality music. So thanks to Stu at work who gave me the heads up on the recent 2hr essential mix session by the Mstrkrft boys, which features many FoundTrack faves. Listen to it here.

For more from Mstrkrft, listen to the new May 'o8 FoundTrack Mixtape.

*according to me

The Dark Knight's got milk

I think it's pretty clear that the FoundTrack team (and everyone else on the bloomin' planet) cannot wait to see the new Batman film, so we're loving the new ad for the "Body by milk" campaign featuring our favourite dark knight.

To get more fun stuff like wallpaper, icons and pics check out the body by milk website where you can also win a competition to be featured as a sidekick in an actual Batman comic. Oh yeah, and one more thing- If you're the only person left on earth that hasn't seen the Dark Knight Trailer yet, check it out here.

** For all the best in Dark Knight news, make sure to checkout Batman On Film, and SuperHeroHype

Source: Coming Soon

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Director/Producer/Actor Sydney Pollack 1934-2008

It's a sad day for film fans everywhere as the great Director, Producer, and Actor Sydney Pollack has passed away after a battle with cancer. More important even than the many awards he won (including Best Picture and Director for "Out of Africa"), Pollack was well known for being the "Actor's Director." He had a rare ability to understand and pull great performances from actors, give his own penchant for the craft as a regular performer himself (albeit an underrated one). His memory will live on through his massive body of work.

** UPDATE- checkout this little self-parody from a Cingular Ad starring Pollack:

Source - GQ & Details Online

Weezer's "Pork and Beans" Music Video

Those crazy kids in Weezer have come up with another hilarious video- this time, for their single "Pork and Beans." It features cameos by tons of "internet and YouTube celebrities" including "Miss South Carolina," the "leave Britney Alone 'guy'" and the "Numa Numa kid." Sit back and let hilarity ensue:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : F.I.L.A. (Found in LA) May 26th-June 1st

Monday May 26th

Mezzanine Owls, Quarter After @ Spaceland
Aquarium Drunkard Presents Le Switch @ Echo
Foreign Born, Restaurant, Willoughby @ Viper Room

Tuesday May 27th

Police, Elvis Costello & the Imposters @ Hollywood Bowl
Muslims @ La Cita
Gran Ronde @ Spaceland

Wednesday May 28th
KCRW Presents Mates of State, Biirdie @ Henry Fonda Theatre
Police, Elvis Costello & the Imposters @ Hollywood Bowl
Billionaires @ Spaceland (Club NME)
White Rabbits, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson @ Echo
Meiko @ Hotel Cafe
Voxhaul Broadcast @ Viper Room
The Like @ 86
Lizz Wright @ Roxy

Thursday May 29th

KCRW Presents Jamie Lidell, James Pants @ El Rey
Afro Funke 5th anniversary @ Zanzibar
Pela, Neva Dinova, Ladyhawk @ Spaceland
Ariel Pink @ Echo
West Indian Girl @ Temple Bar
R.E,M. , Modest Mouse, The National @ Hollywood Bowl
River Of Suns @ Viper Room

Friday May 30th
KCRW Presents Ladytron, Datarock @ Henry Fonda
KCRW Presents Fiery Furnaces, Grand Ole Party @ Spaceland
Zookeepers @ Smell
Beirut, Brunettes, Devon Williams @ Wiltern
Flight of the Conchords @ Orpheum
2am Club (Formerly The Transfer) @ Derby

Saturday May 31st
KCRW Presents Gram Rabbit @ Safari Sams
KCRW Presents Fiery Furnaces, Grand Ole Party @ Spaceland
Cure @ Hollywood Bowl
Abe Vigoda, Muslims, AM @ Pehrspace
Beirut, Brunettes, Devon Williams @ Wiltern

Sunday June 1st
Flight of the Conchords @ Orpheum
Lucky Dragons @ Smell
Cure @ Shrine Auditourium

KCRW Presents

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ferrari California

The car of your dreams is finally here. Or mine anyway. Although my number one "car that I can never afford" is still the Aston Martin DB9, the Ferrari California is being touted as one of the most beautiful contemporary Ferraris ever built, and I'd have to agree with that. As well as a featuring a stunning exterior, it features a folding hard top (a Ferrari first), and an upgrade of the F430 engine. Unlike the 4.3 litre V8, the California's engine has direct injection that helps boost power to 460bhp at 7,500rpm. The engine is mounted in the front but as far back in the bulkhead as possible to improve the car's handling.

Although there are still few details about performance, rumours suggest that it will do 0-60mph in under 4 seconds, while its seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearbox is another Ferrari first. Expected price is bound to be over $280,000 - so better start saving now.

Source: Shortlist

Miramax films come to life in London

Miramax and HMV have teamed up to promoted Miramax's newly repackaged dvd back catalogue by having famous scenes reinacted in-store in London's Covent Garden. The Teatro Vivo theatre company, known for performing their own unique interpretations of established classics in unusual spaces, will be responsible for the perfomances. The iconics scenes will be from Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Chicago and Scream. Unsuspecting customers may also be brought into the action with the chance of winning dvds for their participation!

The performances begin at HMV in Covent Garden's King Street from 2pm on Thursday 29 May...go and check it out!

Source: London is Free

Friday, May 23, 2008

Riedel Black Tie Collection Wine Glasses

The Austrian Crystal Stemware makers knowns as Riedel are well known for being the premiere wine tasting glasses. Skilled Sommeliers are said to taste different parts of the wine when drinking from these glasses. I don't know about all that jazz, but I definitely think these "Black Tie Collection" glasses look suave at least.

The "Sommelier's Black Tie" series are are amongst Riedels highest quality glasses and are actually hand crafted- the red wine glasses have a black stem and the white wine glasses have a black base. My Riedel Pinot glasses and Champagne Flutes are the guilty pleasure of my bar (along with my monogrammed Tiffany martini glasses... this is not a made up story... I'm crazy, I know this).

Source - Sybarites "for those who appreciate the finer things in life"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing 75th Anniversary Lacoste Ad - "Let's Reinvent the Game"

As part of the celebration of their 75th Anniversary, Lacoste has launched a campaign called "Let's Reinvent the Game," depicting their vision of where tennis will be 75 years in the future. This video is phenonmenal and their official site has interactive games and more you can checkout. All you film/video/motion graphics fans are gonna geek out on this:

Source - Trend Hunter Magazine

Barracuda Patio Sale this Weekend (and launch party for their Hair Salon next week)

Hola LA People- Just wanted to give you the heads up on two upcoming events at one of our favorite stores in LA - De La Barracuda. First off for those of you staying in town this weekend, they're having a patio sale - 50-70% off never hurt anyone.

And then next Friday the 30th, they're having a launch party for their new salon/barbershop "Barracuda Hair" (watch out Fred Segal Salon!)... Barracuda's new location on Melrose is awesome and this should help ice their spot as LA's closest thing to Colette:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adidas Y-3 "Ikuno" Shoe

This shoe is flat out clean. Someone buy me a pair. This hot little number is the "Ikuno" by Y-3 (the high fashion collaboration between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto). I know I'm a big fan of white shoes, but regardless, all the subtle details are what set this shoe apart while keeping it clean. Another nice thing about these?... they only cost $250 (which is wayyy less than some of the other Y-3's for the ladies).

Checkout these and more at the official Y-3 site


Movie Posters by artist Tyler Stout - Fresh Takes on Cult Classics

Tyler Stout is an artist that has made a name for himself by creating fresh takes on movie posters. It seems to me like he's really into the classics, given these redesigned posters to "The Warriors," "Big Trouble in Little China" and "The Lost Boys" (which by the way has a laughable straight to DVD sequel coming out soon).

The artist got a major break when the Alamo Draft House and the home of all things nerdy, commissioned him to do the posters to their screening series. You can checkout more of Stout's work at his official site.

Source- Clout Online

Batman Gotham Knight (Anime DVD Movie) Featurette

A few years ago when those horrible sequels to the Matrix were being released, Warner Brothers released a straight to DVD animated title called "The Animatrix." The intent was to bridge the gap between the films and explore the content at a level that was deeper than the feature films could get into. The project paired various animators with various writers, and the result was actually better than the Matrix sequels it was intended to promote:

Fans of "The Animatrix" and Batman should dig the news that WB plans on following a similar strategy to promote this summer's super hyped "Batman Begins" sequel, "The Dark Knight" (see the trailer here - early word is that it's going to be awesome). "Batman Gotham Knight" is a straight to DVD release that pairs 6 acclaimed writers (including David S Goyer who wrote "Batman Begins" and Josh Olson who wrote "A History of Violence") with 6 of the top Japanese Animation directors out there. The 6 shorts each tell their own stories but all come together to bridge the gap between the last Batman movie and this summer's one. Checkout the trailer here, and this little cool featurette featuring some of the team that was involved:

Beatbox Flute Player Greg Pattillo (of MISSION)

Greg Pattillo is one member of the experimental jazz/hip hop group PROJECT, who have released their debut album "Winter in June." Pattillo's role in the band is pretty unique, as not only is he the flute player but also the beatboxer (a la Rahzel from the roots, or the legendary Biz Markie). What makes him stand out though is that he simultaneously plays and beatboxes. Checkout this video of Pattillo in action:

While we're on the topic of hip hop fused with other instrumental forms of music, check out this video (which has totally blown up with like 1.5 million views!) of FoundTrack Friend DJ Inka One and Violinist Paul Dateh:

Source- FoundTrack Friend Super Producer Robert J King

Monday, May 19, 2008

Al Pacino x Robert De Niro = "Righteous Kill" Trailer and Poster

Ok, so you have Al Pacino, and then you have Robert De Niro, and then you have them sharing screen time for basically like the first time ever... should be a no brainer right? Unfortunately, I'm not so sure. Checkout the trailer below and let me know what you think. Personally I'm not feeling much energy from it, and worse, it looks like they totally copied "The Departed" trailer (down to the motion graphic silhouettes of the buildings, the music, etc). At least the poster above is awesome- it was designed by LA Legends, tattoo artist Mr Cartoon and director/photographer Estevan Oriol.


More Frames from Nom de Guerre x Oliver Peoples

A few weeks ago I featured the sunglass collaboration between Nom de Guerre and Oliver Peoples. Looks like the power duo have more tricks up their sleeves... These prescription frames are called the NDG-1. They come in a variety of colors, and these two in particular caught my eye. You can checkout the rest at the link below


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : Found in LA (May 19-25)

Monday May 19th

KCRW Presents El Perro Del Mar, Lykke Li , Anna Ternheim @ El Rey
Kooks, Morning Benders @ Wiltern
Apparat @ Knitting Factory
Mezzanine Owls, Henry Clay People, Eli "Paperboy" Reed & the True Loves@ Spaceland (FREE monday in May)
Aquarium Drunkard Presents Le Switch @ Echo (FREE)
Cut Copy @ Echoplex
Official Cut Copy After Party @ Short Stop - Dj sets from Cut Copy , K.I.M (Presets)
Destroyer, Devon Williams @ Troubadour

Tuesday May 20th
KCRW Presents M83, Berg Sans Nipple @ Echoplex
KCRW Presents Clinic, Shearwater @ Troubadour
Presets, Walter Meego, DJ Kid Lightning @ El Rey (SOLD OUT)
Gran Ronde, Bloodcat Love @ Spaceland
Kooks @ Canter's Kibitz Room
My Brightest Diamond , Pedestrian @ Hotel Cafe
Pocahaunted, Bob Bruno, Magic Lantern @ Echo
Free Community Cinema Presents New Year Baby Screening @ Pacific Design Center (Silver Screen Theatre) - RSVP Required:
Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the Trueloves @ Amoeba (FREE)

Wednesday May 21st
KCRW Presents Dresden Dolls, Smoosh, Lavender Diamond @ Wiltern
Kills, Child Ballads @ El Rey (SOLD OUT)
Cave Singers @ Echo
Adele @ Roxy
My Brightest Diamond, Sara Lov, Pedestrian @ Hotel Cafe
J*Davey, Grey Kid @ Key Club
Hornets or Spurs @ Lakers - GM 1 of Western Conference Finals

Thursday May 22nd

Dizzee Rascal, El-P, Busdriver @ El Rey
Radar Bros. , Parson Red Heads, Ed Vallence @ Knitting Factory
Correatown, Monolators @ Spaceland
French Kicks, Weather Underground @ Echo
Bad Dudes @ Smell
Hall & Oates @ Troubadour
West Indian Girl, Film School @ Malibu Inn
Adam Green @ Amoeba (FREE)

Friday May 23rd

KCRW Presents Chris Pierce @ Mint
Oliver Future, Radars to the Sky, Henry Clay People @ Echoplex
Hall & Oates @ Troubadour
Pocahaunted, Black Black @ Smell

Saturday May 24th
Topanga Days Country Fair @ Topanga Community Center
Margot & the Nuclear So & So's @ Echo
Foals, Maps & Atlases @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)
War @ Greek Theatre
Shwayze, Cisco @ Malibu Inn

Sunday May 25th
Topanga Days Country Fair @ Topanga Community Center
War @ Greek Theatre
Wisely, Alex & Sam @ Tangier
URB Magazine Issue Release Party @ Roxy - ?uestlove DJ Set

KCRW Presents

Friday, May 16, 2008

Banksy - "The Cans Festival"

So a couple of weeks back, I tried to get into the "exhibition" set up by Banksy, known as The Cans Festival, set in a disused tunnel behind Waterloo Station. Unfortunately I got there at 9pm on the last day an hour before it closed and it was so packed that hundreds of people were being turned away. I was lucky enough to peer over some railings and catch some of the artists putting their finishing touches to their graffiti.

Banksy invited 40 graffiti artists from around the world to make their mark as well as putting up some installations during the 3 day event. His idea behind it was "...hoping we can transform a dark forgotten filth pit into an oasis of beautiful art". Although Banksy likes to play the rebel, he actually got permission from Eurostar to transform the tunnel into what is now a "public gallery" of sorts.
The art will still be up there for at least 6 months, so catch it while you can (find it just opposite The London Eye).

The Fall trailer

I came across this trailer very much by chance, and was amazed that I had never heard of the movie before. "Presented" by David Fincher and Spike Jonze (good sign already!) The Fall is Tarsem Singh's second foray into feature films. He may be the man behind the disaster that was The Cell, but with no J-Lo in sight, it's already sounding more promising. Starring Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) this trailer has some really stunning visuals in this blend of fantasy with reality. Think Labyrinth meets Bridge to Terabithia. It may be utterly perplexing, but looks brilliant.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trailer to Metal Gear Solid 4 - The first real reason to buy a Playstation 3

Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the most highly anticipated video game releases of 2008. The game is the 4th in the highly cinematic series of tactical espionage games that follow the exploits of lead character "Solid Snake" (based off of Snake Plissken from Escape from NY). The game is directed by acclaimed Japanese director Hideo Kojima and is expected to increase sales of the Playstation 3 video game console. Here now is the trailer for your viewing pleasure... even if you're not into video games, give it a shot if you're into film:

Shopping Event for the Ladies- Hell Bellz Sample Sales in LA, SD & SF

Women's "street-wear" brand Hellz Bellz will be having sample sales in Los Angeles (May 17-18), San Diego (May 24-25) and San Francisco (May 31-June 1). Join them for some good deals, drinks & BBQ. Click on the image below to checkout our coverage of their Spring 2008 collection:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Balance brings the heat- RC576D "Brogue"

These guys here are called the New Balance RC576D "Brogue"'s. I haven't been a big New Balance fan until recently, but if they keep dropping stuff like this then I'm hooked. Love the retro slim profile of these which is more (less?) than can be said for their shoes. I'm a white shoe guy myself, but I have to say they look pretty awesome in the brown as well:

The best thing about New Balances?- even when they're in fashionable styles and colorways, they're still functional! Anyway, back to these guys, I'm not a big black shoe guy myself but I know a lot of folks are, so here ya go:

Source- Envee Apparel Blog