Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going to Where the Tea Trees Are - Peter Von Poehl

July 2007 Edition - Track 18
Album: Going to Where the Tea Trees Are
Label: Graefe Recordings / Tôt ou Tard
Release date: Out now
Referral:Rudy Chung - Hit the Ground Running

I don't know much about Peter Von Poehl but i can tell he's got great stage presence. How do i know? Cuz he sticks one of his thumbs out when he puts his hands in his pocket, which shows he's not a conformist. The Swedish singer-songwriter hasn't found the path to his debut solo effort an easy one. After moving to France in '98 he met French Pop Producer Bertrand Burgalat who tried to fit Peter in an offbeat boy band to add some sauce to Bertrand's Tricatel label. Peter used various fell through's as fuel including a role in Bertrand's backing band , A.S. Dragon, and was thus equipped with the tools to work on his solo career.

The titled track of his debut reminds me of Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" remixed by Air. If the rest of his album is like the songs on his myspace page then i'm going to start a record label myself just to release his music in the states. He recently was part of the great lineup of bands at Montreal's Osheaga music festival and he will continue touring through Europe this fall. Oh and if you want to go to where the tea trees are, head to Australia or New Zealand.

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