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FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (track 1/14) - Boy Genius feat. Tatanka - "Summer (ft intro edit)"

FT JULY '08 INTRO - Transcribed
"Welcome to the FoundTrack's July 2008 compilation. As we enter our third year we want to thank all of our listeners for their continued support and the artists on this compilation for allowing us to showcase their work. If you like what you hear this is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to support these artists by purchasing their music. For more information stay tuned to We have plenty in store this year and hope to serve as a resource to those who are willing to welcome us with open minds."

Introducing you to our 3rd year in the game is none other than FoundTrack friend for life Tatanka of National Geographic, whose vocal dexterity has provided the voiceover...over and over again ; taking on such roles as Little Superstar, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Vincent Price, Charles Bukowski, the Apple commercial dude, FoundTracula, your friendly neighbor Peter Parker, and most importantly himself (pictured above). He's so prolific I don't even think we could fit all of his work on one mixtape. In fact, i wouldn't be surprised if he was working on another voiceover project in the picture above despite tough reception in NY's underground. Many thanks goes to our reliable pal. We wouldn't have been able to make it this far without you.

Of course, it wouldn't have flowed so nicely without the beatmaster himself Boy Genius (Toussaint Hunt of Bedtime For Toys) laying down his "summer" jam. Outside of his work for the Toys of K-town, he is a producer prodigy and this is a mere sample of this boy's genius skills. If you're interested in any licensing opportunities don't be shy. Hit him up through the Bedtime For Toys MySpace page.

Stay tuned to the blog throughout this month for more features on the rest of the artists on our July Compilation

LA Film Fest Coverage - American Teen Review + Trailer

I must say one of the ultimate movie-viewing experiences from this year's LA Film Festival was the American Teen screening this past week at the open-aired Ford Amphitheater. Although i always look forward to movie trailers before the feature presentation, this night featured a special preview of a band that is coming soon to an ipod near you. Sunny Day Sets Fire, who are also featured in the film's impressive soundtrack, are a 5 piece about as diverse as the 5 Indiana high-school seniors we follow throughout Nanette Burstein's feature documentary. However when coming together, both the band and the film's characters were able to win over their largest audience thus far with their charm and innocent whit.

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Photo taken by Scott Schultz - LA Record

Although it was difficult at times to believe the certificate of authenticity in these impressionable high school figures experiencing their senior year through wireless mics and a camera lens, i still feel the film, even if treated as a piece of fiction, could step up to any other film in the festival after school by the oak tree at 3' o clock. Since i preferred to remove any expectations i won't burden you with any of mine. I will however leave you with the film's trailer and encourage you to see it for yourself when it comes to a theater nearest you on July 25th through Paramount Vantage.

LA Film Fest coverage- Music Video Eclectic Mix

(Muse's "Invincible" - directed by Jonnie Rosss)

While the LA Film Fest's closing gala took place on Saturday night, a few special screenings continued on through Sunday. The Music Video eclectic mix was one of these that was of particular interest to us here at FoundTrack, given our love of music and film. We only managed to fit one of the two selections of music videos into our schedules, but nonetheless it delivered a dose of 20 awesome videos for our visual delight.

(Menomena's "Rotten Hell"- Directed by Warren Julius)

The screening featured tons of bands that we love and have featured on previous editons of our monthly music compilation, including Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, Feist, MGMT (checkout the full list here). Out of all these great videos, two in particular stood out from the pack. The first was Menomena's "Rotten Hell" by the "Warren Julius." The video features a simple childhood food fight that turns into an epic and glorious battle. The visuals are shot in amazing slow motion format that gives each frame a photo-esque sensibility. Who would have thought a food fight could be such a beautiful thing?:

Trevor McMahan, one half of film making team "Warren Julius" (the other being David Neham) was on hand for a little Q and A after the film. He conveyed some pretty funny stories about how smelly all the kids on set got after being in puddles of mushed up food all day. He also seemed to be really down to earth and cool and praised a lot of the other director's works as well- one in particular that we saw eye to eye on was Muse's "Invincible," directed by Jonnie Ross. Turns out the Menomena video and and Muse video shared the same cinematographer- David Rodriguez. I'm not even going to try and hyper-analyze the "Invincible" video- Let's just say it's visually stunning, colorful and has several layers to it, warranting a few repeat viewings:

** UPDATE - Checkout Warren Julius' brand new music video to The Gutter Twins' "Idle Hands" here

LA Film Fest Coverage- "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" review and new trailer

(photo source-

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to checkout the Hellboy II: The Golden Army premiere (the LA Film Fest's closing gala), with FoundTrack friend Jose from the Indie 103.1 Morning Show. The film follows the exploits of comic book character Hellboy (a demon raised by humans that fights to protect us... nothing weird about that), and his band of supporting teammates. I don't like to give away too much when talking about movies, and plot synopses are easy enough to come by, but it's safe to say that the film is a fun ride from start to finish.

Hellboy II's stars Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Director Guiellermo Del Toro:
(photo source-

Fans of director Guillermo del Toro in particular should enjoy the movie- his visual flair is apparent, namely in the amazing creature design. The Angel of Death character in particular is reminiscent of characters from Del Toro's oscar nominated film "Pan's Labyrinth." Another key thing to mention is the humor in the movie is great albeit very quirky. Though I personally enjoyed the movie, I have to give it an overall rating of good as opposed to great- not sure how it will hold up with the non-comic book fans. That said, it should hold everyone off the target demographic until The Dark Knight comes out in 3 weeks. In the meantime, checkout this awesome poster and trailer to Hellboy II:

(limited edition poster by legendary Movie Poster artist, Drew Struzan)

Universal has just released an awesome final trailer to the movie for those of you that want a little sneak peak:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : F.I.L.A. (Found in LA) June 30 - July 6th

Monday June 30th

Vice's Tales of Colt 45 Tour @ King King (FREE but RSVP required- list closes 3pm) --> RSVP Link - w/Matt & Kim, Death Set, Cheeseburger, Underground Railroad to Candyland, DJ's Franki Chan and C-town
Letron, Spider Problem, Halloween Swim Team @ Silverlake Lounge (FREE)
Afternoons, Happy Hollows, Movies, Boxing Lesson @ Spaceland (FREE)
Rumspringa, the 1921A, Slang Chickens, The Amazement @ Echo (FREE)

Tuesday July 1st
Dublab Presents Mas Exitos @ Verdugo Bar
We Are Scientists, Morning Benders, The Blood Arm @ El Rey
The Mae Shi, Death to Anders, Die Rockers Die, Light FM @ Spaceland
James Hunter, Joe Pug @ Troubadour

Wednesday July 2nd
Low End Theory @ Airliner - Nobody, D-styles, Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev
Modey Lemons, The Muslims @ Echo
ASCAP presents Iglu & Hartley, Casxio, Carlotta, Funeral Party @ Troubadour
Alice Russell @ Hotel Cafe
Fireworks Spectacular w/Dodgers @ Hollywood Bowl- with LA Phil and Randy Newman playing baseball classics in honor of the Dodger's 50th anniversary

Thursday July 3rd

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Fol Chen, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Summer Darling @ Echo
Constantines, Ladyhawk, Jet Age @ Troubadour
El May @ Hotel Cafe
Toddy @ Temple Bar
Fireworks Spectacular w/Dodgers @ Hollywood Bowl

Friday July 4th

Spindrift, Flash Express @ Echo
Fireworks Spectacular w/Dodgers @ Hollywood Bowl

Saturday July 5th
Dear & the Headlights, Aushua, What Laura Says, Love You Long Time @ Knitting Factory
Warner Bros. Presents "Bugs Bunny On Broadway" @ Hollywood Bowl
Easy Rider @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary (Cinespia)

Sunday July 6th
Blue Velvet @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary (Cinespia)

KCRW Presents

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Converse's "My Drive Thru" - Fashion and Music Collide

Over here at FoundTrack, we're big fans of Converse- Now they've given us another reason. The good folks over at the shoe company that's brought us classics such as the Chuck Taylor, the Jack Purcell, and the One Star, have brought together Pharrell Williams (and NERD), Santogold, and Julian Casablancas (of Strokes fame) to collaborate on an awesome new song called "My Drive Thru."

While this whole thing would normally reek of marketing gimmick, the song is actually really good. Veteran music tastemakers such as KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" host Nick Harcourt have featured the track on their shows. You too can be hip and download the song exclusively at Converse's official site.

** UPDATE- stay tuned to the site for the music video coming in July

RIP Funnyman George Carlin, 1937-2008

I'm really late on posting this obviously, but this last Sunday we saw the passing of one of comedy's greatest, George Carlin. While his raw comedy speaks for itself, what really set him apart and will go down in the history books was his harsh stance against censorship. Carlin joins a long list of folks that have passed before their time this year.

Here for your viewing pleasure is Carlin's classic bit, the "seven dirty words"- so profound was it, that it actually garnered the attention of the Supreme Court:

** While most people remember Carlin for his raw acts, he actually also took part in content for children, most memorably playing "Mr. Conductor" on PBS' "Shining Time Station (Thomas the Tank Engine).

FoundTrack July 2008 Compilation Play List

# Artist Track Name
1 Boy Genius Summer (FT Intro edit ft. Tatanka)
2 The Saturday Knights 45 (radio edit)
3 The Herbaliser You're Not All That ft. Jessica Darling (radio edit)
4 Kelli Love (produced by Yeti Beats) Find Ya Way
5 Rumspringa Shake 'em Loose Tonight
6 Blondfire L-L-love
7 2AM Club Flashing Room
8 Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & The True Loves Take My Love With You
9 Fol Chen Cbl TV
10 Birds & Batteries Ocarina
11 Florence + The Machine Hospital Beds
12 The Henry Clay People Andy Sings!
13 Princeton Ms. Bentwich
14 FOOL's GOLD Surprise Hotel

Check Out the Newest Compilation Here !

Check Out the FoundTrack Archive Here !

David Letterman on "The Dark Knight"

This is pretty funny. David Letterman got a chance to see "The Dark Knight" and here are his reasons to see it:

1) Everyone dies in the end
2) The motorcycle
3) Heath Ledger

"HEY, Batman!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

O'Neal's freestyle receives Shaq-lash

Today Shaquille O Neal lost his special deputy's badge in Maricopa County because of his ridiculous freestyle mock of former teammate Kobe Bryant. What poor judgement from Shaq and even poorer judgement by the Sheriff ; Doesn't he realize that we need intimidating figures like Shaq in the police force to make sure films like Kazaam and Steel never see the light of day again? In case you missed it or you're like me and want to watch it it is for your viewing pleasure.

Oh that video will never get old...wish i could say the same for Shaq.
Wouldn't be surprised if David Stern wrote the lyrics to that freestyle as this is sure to boost the NBA's ratings next year. If you think Kobe's angry, you're wrong. He knows exactly what it's like to make records and drop some hoop hyperboles in the rap game. Check out his first performance on national TV.

For some real underground bball rap with beautiful lyrics and a good message, make sure to check out our favorite 80's PSA from Magic and the Lakers.

Hide & Seek Festival 2008 - London

Some crazy kids have come up with the bright idea of turning London into an urban playground for those who are looking to relive their childhood. The Hide and Seek Festival was founded by Alex Fleetwood and Gideon Reeling, after attending Come Out and Play in New York.

According to their website, "Hide and Seek is a festival of social games and playful experiences... it will encompass everything from fine artists making location-based work to huge flashmob games within the public spaces of the Southbank Centre".

Games include "This is it..." which requires players to race across the city to rescue a special-guest band in time for them to play a gig at the festival's opening party, and "Snap-shot City" which sees New Yorkers and Londoners on a worldwide photographic treasure hunt.

Check out this short documentary about the festival last year:

Get ready to join in the fun this weekend June 27th - June 29th...I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend.

Source: thelondonpaper

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : F.I.L.A. (Found in LA) June 23-29th

Monday June 23rd
Avi Buffalo, Coral Sea, French Semester, Codpiece @ Mr. T's Bowl
Mad Mondays
Death Cab For Cutie @ KCRW (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
Death Cab For Cutie, Rogue Wave @ Nokia Theatre
KCRW Presents Raising Sand w Robert Plant & Alison Krauss,T Bone Burnett, Sharon Little @ Greek Theatre (Night 1)
Spider Problem, Automatic Music Explosion @ Silverlake Lounge - FREE Monday Residency in June
Afternoons, Parson Red Heads, Valentino, HT Heartache @ Spaceland - FREE Monday Residency in June
Rumspringa, Union Line, Holloys, Danger Bees @ Echo - FREE Monday Residency in June
Idyllists, Gran Ronde, Boxing Lessons, Poor Excuses @ Viper Room (Indie 103's Check One...Two Mondays)
Smooth Grooves, Anavan, Holi Buffaglow, Jamaica Man, Spellcaster, Vampire Pussy @

Tuesday June 24th
KCRW Presents Raising Sand w Robert Plant & Alison Krauss,T Bone Burnett, Sharon Little @ Greek Theatre (Night 2)
Watson Twins @ Amoeba (FREE)
Ciam @ KCRW (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
Lucha VaVoom Summer Nacionales! Part 1 @ Mayan Theatre
Ingrid Michaelson, Greg Laswell @ El Rey
Bill Frisell @ Largo (at Coronet)
Stone Temple Pilots, Black Francis @ Hollywood Bowl
Sunny Day Sets Fire, In Waves, Line and Circle, The Monolators @ Spaceland
Hecuba, Hazm, Brendan Fowler, Laco$te @ Echo (FREE)

Wednesday June 25th
Thailand, The Soft Hands, Good On Paper, One Trick Pony @ Silverlake Lounge
Amos Lee @ Amoeba (FREE)
Lucha VaVoom Summer Nacionales! Part 2 @ Mayan Theatre
Oslo, The Hundred Days, Eject @ Spaceland (Club NME)
Olin & the Moon, Mouse Kills Tiger @ Tangier (Fold)
Cryptacize, Becky Stark, Palms @ Echo
Abe Vigoda, Small Breed, Shed Seahouse, Hey Buddy and the Pals @ Smell
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood @ Hollywood Bowl
KCRW Presents Yael Naim, David Donatien @ El Rey (CANCELLED)
American Teen Screening @ Ford Amphitheatre (LA Film Festival) - w/ live performance from Sunny Day Sets Fire

Thursday June 26th
Everclear, Soul Asylum, Camper Van Beethoven @ House of Blues (Sunset Strip Music Festival)
Oliver Future, The Gray Kid @ Spaceland
Lucha VaVoom Summer Nacionales! Part 3 @ Mayan Theatre
Movies, Savages, Pizza, The Voyeurs, The Mae Shi (DJ Set) @ Echo
Sam Phillips , The Section Quartet @ Largo at the Coronet
Yacht, Mika Miko @ Orange County Performing Arts Center
KCRW Presents Meiko, Dan Wilson @ Hotel Cafe

Friday June 27th
FoundTrack Presents 2am Club, Bedtime For Toys, Love You Long Time w/ DJ KnewJack @ Derby (VIP Lounge) - Details at
Squaregirls Presents Fol Chen, Weave, Health Club, Hearts of Palm UK @ Pehrspace
Grand Archives, Sera Cahoone @ Echo
No Age, DJ King Shade @ Getty Ctr (Fridays off the 405)
Plants and Animals, Northern, Metroid, The Steelwells @ Glass House (Pomona)
Andy Rourke Dj Set @ King King (UNCONFIRMED) Ex- Smiths Bassist plays records
Jon Brion @ Largo (at the Coronet)
Nikka Costa w/DJ-C Minus @ El Rey
Mark Knopfler, Jesca Hoop @ Greek Theatre
Princeton, Rafter @ Beauty Bar (San Diego)
Chris Pierce, Anahita, Lucy Schwartz, more @ Hotel Cafe

Saturday June 28th
Panther, Plants and Animals @ Spaceland
Spires, Man/Miracle, Frankel, Jack Wilson Jr. @ Pehrspace
Fleet Foxes , The Dutchess & the Duke, Frankie Fairfield @ Echo
Sgt. Peppers Revisited @ Hollywood Bowl - Feat. Cheap Trick, Ian Ball, Billy Corgan , more
True Colors @ Greek Theatre - Cyndi Lauper, B-52's, Wanda Sykes , Andy Bell of Erasure, Puppini Sisters, more
The 88 , Ima Robot @ Roxy (Sunset Strip Music Festival)
Louis XVI, Transfer @ Viper Room (Sunset Strip Music Festival)

Sunday June 29th
KCRW's World Festival - Gilberto Gil, Devendra Banhart, Album Leaf feat. Mike Heron @ Hollywood Bowl
Kickchella 2008@ All Star Lanes (Bowling Alley in Eagle Rock) - w/Le Switch, Henry Clay People, You Me & Iowa, I Make This Sound, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, more
Fleet Foxes, The Dutchess and the Duke @ Spaceland
Willoughby, Graves @ Tangier (Fold)
Fool's Gold, Rainbow Arabia @ Echo (Part Time Punks) - Record Release Show

KCRW Presents

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - trailer

So the trailer for the new David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) flick "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" has finally been released this week (unless you caught the leaked Spanish trailer a couple months back). Not only is Fincher one of my favourite directors of all time but it seems that when he and Brad Pitt team up, they can't go wrong, and after watching this it looks like its gonna be another home run.

Check out the trailer below:

or download the HD trailer here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

KCRW Music Library is Reborn

As if you needed another reason to listen to KCRW...this month they've launched their digital music library which might just grow up to be the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. What's even better is that great soundtracks like Ghostbusters will be included in the digitization : ) Anyhow, compliments to the chef..i mean chief librarian Eric J. Lawrence who also enjoys marshmallows on occasion. Every day this month he will be showcasing the hidden luster from the dusty vinyl unearthed from over 60,000 titles in his special "Basement Tracks" Series available to stream on demand on the KCRW website.

After 20 days, Eric's already included exclusive live station recordings from Wilco, Beck, Pavement and Frou Frou early in their career. BTW- these are a sample of over 1,200 live performances and counting. I can almost guarantee he'll show you a Happy Birthday song you've never heard before, a graduation song with high honors and my personal favorite for Father's day, Woody Herman's "Ah, You're Father's Moustache" from 1945...see below for more details

Today's Tune features Time Zone's "World Destruction" feat. Afrika Bambata, which is one of the first songs to mix elements of rap and rock and is a rarity found in Pauly Shore's out of print Bio-Dome soundtrack. If you like Eric's taste in not just marshmallows, I strongly recommend his show on Sunday evenings/Monday mornings from 12-3am for a good dose of knowledge dropping before you start your week. If it's past your bed-time, listen on demand here.

Five O'Clock Heroes new single - Who

Supermodel du jour Agyness Deyn is releasing a single with New York band Five O’Clock Heroes. The single called “Who” is Deyn’s first foray into the music world – and as much as the thought of models singing makes me want to gag (remember Naomi’s single?... yeah, me neither) I was pleasantly surprised by her effort.

Check out this live performance by the band and Deyn on Channel 4’s “Sunday Night Project”

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FoundTrack presents 2AM Club, Bedtime For Toys, & Love You Long Time !

(click to enlarge)

WHEN: Friday, June 27th 8:00pm

WHERE: The VIP Lounge of The Derby in Los Feliz, 4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

TICKETS: Print out the Flyer above for discounted $10 admission at the door

PARKING: Valet Parking is available at the Derby, and street parking is available within a few blocks walk

FREE ADVANCE FOUNDTRACK CDs & MIXTAPES FROM DJ KNEWJACK with the purchase of any merchandise from any of the bands

** IMPORTANT VENUE / STAGE NOTICE- The Derby has two rooms with live music. Once you enter the venue, the V.I.P. Lounge door will be on your left and the Main stage will be on your right. Our event is in the V.I.P. Lounge so the important people, i.e. YOU, will be making lefts.


Sample Tracks:

"Flashing Room"

"Worry About You"


Sample Tracks:

"Cold Fever"

"My Last Goodbye"


(click to checkout band's site)

Sample Tracks:

"I Had You Wrong"

"The Power Dud Mix"

DJ KNEWJACK (providing the tunes between bands):

Why the Lakers Lost!

I'm still recovering from that constipated comeback from the Lakers. Not one to harp on superstition but do you find the following a bit odd?

The Curse of #17
The Celtics 17th championship won on the 17th day of June with their MVP, #34 (multiple of 17) Paul Piercing the lowly Lakers without the likes of their young stud Andrew Bynum (#17). And by the way, this is Phil Jackson’s 17th year as an NBA head coach.

2) I Love LA
We featured Randy Newman's "I Love LA" on our June '08 mixtape, anticipating a Laker win in the NBA Finals. It would have been too good to be true. Lesson- Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

3) Losing Voices

Lakers have yet to recapture a title since they lost their voice (Chick Hearn) and the NBA lost theirs (the NBC network). The game and the Lakers season may be in the refrigerator now but imagine what a difference an intro would have made if we had heard New Ager John Tesh's "Roundball Rock" instead of the ABC/ESPN's over the top outtake .. compare the two below

Don't mean to disappoint all of you NBC ballers but the ABC/ESPN contract expires at the 2015-2016 season. This video demonstration and these telling stats are brought to you by Nate Jones, the budding bball super-agent to be. Go and Check out his blog ,, for the best NBA analysis in the land.

** update from V- I guess the 80s Laker's Rap Pump Up video didn't work. Man, I KNEW we shouldn't have given Iron Man Laker board shorts on the June '08 MixTape cover...

Dior Homme Lumiere du Nord Collection

I'm sure this stuff costs enough to warrant a career in narcotics trafficking, but regardless it's a ridiculously cool line. The pieces shown here are part of Dior Homme's Lumiere du Nord collection - a line of men's accessories, boots and sneakers. The high tech sneaker above is what caught my eye, but upon closer inspection the entire line of bags are the best part of the collection:

I'm going through this crazy patent leather kick right now so I might be partial to this stuff. Would love to see a touch of white or silver on these, but I guess the solid black is what keeps these away from falling into Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 arena. Oh, and by the way, if you want to be the coolest kid in the school bus, make sure you rock this backpack!:


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nike's Air Zoom Talache Low "Rock 'n Roll" pack

These here bad boys are called the Air Zoom Talache Lows. I'm not usually a Nike fan but these shoes are pretty unique compared to most of the brand's other designs. What really sets them apart though is this awesome colorway called the "Rock 'n Roll" pack. The black on black thing is awesome on these, while the white sole adds just enough flare.

While the Talache's have a simple aesthetic that may make you think they're a pretty low tech day to day trainer, they actually are quite the opposite. They incorporate structural elements from the Air Max's, the Air Huarache's (one of my person faves) and the Zoom Air's. What does alll this mean for all you non-Nike heads out there?... a damn comfy fit so you can go out there and flaunt in comfort!

** Available at Japan's Mita Sneakers (good luck if you can't read Japanese!)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Legendary Special Effects Artist, Stan Winston, 1946-2008

Legendary special effects makeup artist Stan Winston passed away this past Sunday- perhaps before his time, but not without leaving an immense legacy. Winston and his Studio are responsible for some of the most memorable characters in modern film, including the Terminator, Edward Scissorhands, the Predator, and recent sensations like Iron Man. Winston won 3 Oscars for his work, 1 for Aliens, 1 for Terminator 2, and 1for Jurassic Park.

(Winston with some of his babies)

Stan Winston will be missed by the film loving community, and joins the likes of artists Sydney Pollack, Heath Ledger, and Yves Saint Laurent- each of whom left us too early this year.

** Read a full tribute to Winston at Time Magazine

Giorgio Armani x Bruce Wayne

Fashion Icon Giorgio Armani has enlisted a new face for his high end made-to-measure men's line. Who is this gentleman you ask? None other than Bruce Wayne, everyone's favorite billionaire playboy by day and vigilante by night. Armani was brought in to collaborate with Lindy Hemming (Oscar nominated costume designer of Batman Begins and the Dark Knight) to create all of the Wayne character's outfits for this summer's film.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne will be featured in a series of ads in high fashion magazines this summer. I'm totally digging the fly 3 piece suit above, and am stoked to see the rest of the collection of suits and tuxes. That said, I have to say I'd still prefer to get my hands on this little bit of couture:

Source- Fashion Week Daily

Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" Music Video

A lot of people were pretty pumped about Katy Perry's hilarious first single "You're so Gay" when we featured it a few months ago, so figured we'd share another one of her songs and videos with you folks. Here now for your viewing pleasure, the music video to "I Kissed a Girl":

I Kissed A Girl

More on Katy Perry at her official site

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : F.I.L.A. (Found in LA) June 16th-22nd

Monday June 16th

Afternoons, Everest, Ravens & Chimes, Oh Darling @ Spaceland (FREE Monday Residency in June)
Rumpsringa, Random Patterns, Golden Animals, Halloween Swim Team @ Echo (FREE Monday Residency in June)
Spider Problem, Dalmacio Von Diamond & the Imaginary Friends, Voyeurs, Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound @ Silverlake Lounge (FREE Monday Residency in June)
Abe Vigoda, Times New Viking @ The Smell

Tuesday June 17th
Beet Records Album Release Party @ Troubadour - Hypercrush, Midnite theory, Far East Movement,Vacans/Balance, Dnez
Lakers @ Celtics - Gm 6 of NBA Finals
Devon Williams @ Amoeba (FREE)
Parson Red Heads, Buddy, Hidden Hooks @ Boardner's
Islands, Sebastian Grangier, AWOL One, Crayonsmith @ El Rey (Moved From Henry Fonda)
Airborne Toxic Event, Deadly Syndrome, Henry Clay People @ Spaceland
Effects of Cable Television, Miniature Tigers, Austin James Band @ Silverlake Lounge (Fold)

Wednesday June 18th

Styrofoam, Broken Spindles @ Knitting Factory
Midnight Movies, Mono in VCF @ Spaceland (Club NME)
Rilo Kiley, Lavender Diamond, Benji Hughes @ Greek Theatre
Jaymay, Fink, Pop Levi @ Troubadour
Extra Golden @ Echoplex
KCRW Presents Liam Finn @ Largo
Secret Machines @ Viper Room (Unconfirmed)
Old 97's @ Amoeba (FREE w/live web stream)
Joel Virgil, Olin and the Moon, Oh Darling, Eleni Mandell @ Tangier (Fold)

Thursday June 19th
Duffy, Jon McLaughlin @ El Rey
Sea Wolf, Patrick Park, Jealous Girlfriends, Sara Lov @ Echoplex
Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Earth, Restaurant @ Echo
Martha Wainwright, Jesca Hoop @ Troubadour
Musicology 201 w/ Garth Trinidad @ Grand Performances

Friday June 20th

Nous Non Plus, Tour De France , Casxio @ Bordello (Fold)
RZA as Bobby Digital, Stone Mecca @ Henry Fonda Theatre
Hayden, Haley Bonar @ Troubadour
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 @ Grand Performances (FREE)
Martha Wainwright @ Amoeba (FREE)

Saturday June 21st
Blakes, Broken West, Dead Confederate @ Spaceland
These New Puritans, Meho Plaza @ Echoplex
Nylon Summer Music Tour @ Wiltern - Feat. She Wants Revenge, Be Your Own Pet, Virgins, and Switches
Lightspeed Champioin, Flowers Forever, The Explorers Club, Palms @ Troubadour
KCRW Presents Make Music Pasadena @ Pasadena Playhouse District -Raveonettes, Kinky, dengue Fever, Nortec Collective Presents Bostich & Fussible, Jesca Hoop & more
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 @ El Rey

Sunday June 22nd

Frightened Rabbit, Oxford Collapse, Sunny Day Sets Fire @ Roxy
KCRW World Festival Presents Thievery Corporation, Los Amigos Invisibles, Federico Aubele, Seu Jorge, Bebel Gilberto @ Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles Beat Swap Meet @ Echoplex
Earth Wind & Fire, Macy Gray @ Greek Theatre

KCRW Presents

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hermés x Eurocopter - “L’helicoptre par Hermès”

I guess collaborating with Bugatti on a supercar wasn't enough for French fashion house, Hermés. They've taken it up a notch in terms of ridiculous excess and collaborated with helicopter maker Eurocopter on this crazy limited flying toy.

This flying chariot for those of you who want to big pimp it in the sky was created by Italian designer Gabriele Pezzini. The chopper is called the “L’helicoptre par Hermès” and you can score your very own for only 5.6 million Euros! I'm loving the little details like the Hermes logo:

As can be expected of the brand, all the fine work is amazing, down to the stitching and choice of materials and leathers: