Friday, October 19, 2007

Devendra Banhart's last show at the Orpheum?

I guess your last show of a long tour ending in your home is a ripe recipe for mayhem. That's exactly what Devendra Banhart produced at the Orpheum on Saturday night. Banhart was accompanied by his backing band, currently known as Power Mineral. The band claims to rechristen itself when a name comes to them. In case you're keeping track some of the names include "Fried Hummingbird", "Hairy Fairy Band", "Hairy Fairy and First Woman Millionaire", "Las Putas Locas", "Stoner Boner", "Bummer Hummer", "Longing for Boner", "Batthouse of the Winds", "Brain Taint", "Octopus Attack", "the Fat Boys", "Sorry,We're not pancackes" and of course "Sorry, we're pancackes". But on this special night they were the Spiritual Bonerz with a silent Z. If you'd like to come up with creative names like so, just say "yes" to drugs.

I was a little disappointed at first since he was playing a bunch of soft folk songs in a chair in front of a huge theatre of fans. He then invited Gael Garcia Bernal onstage since they sing a duet on Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. That got people a little excited but Bernal felt as awkward as Leslie Nielsen in angels stadium when singing star spangled banner in Naked Gun (see video to express my feelings).

Then halfway into his set Devendra had forwarded Bernal's invite on stage to the rest of the fans. I've been to many a show and i've never heard of a performer with such free will. A sea of beards bombarded the stage with flocks full of unkempt hair. It was a true hippie fest on stage and after one song, security would not let Devendra go on... i will let the video do the talking (caution- do not play video with high volume in a quiet office cubicle)

After a 15 min. delay the band played on without any guests this time. This lasted a few songs before Devendra once again lovingly opened the stage to one lucky "random" person in the audience to perform their own song in front of the nearly sold out crowd. Now this is the second time I've seen Devendra live and what are the chances that he invites this random fan on stage both times and they actually have the balls to play and play well in front of a huge crowd. Not really worried about the authenticity of the orchestration here because the man knows how to interact with his audience. In the middle of this moment, one of the fans yelled it best when he said "you give me a spiritual boner" after having seen the girl of both of our dreams get on stage whispering treats in her native tongue to a spanish guitar. She goes by the name of "beso de tortuga" and i hope to see her again someday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alex Roy breaks road speed record from NYC to LA

So earlier today I read this article, and it absolutely amazed me. Apparently, this guy Alex Roy (a famous driver on the renegade road rally circuit), broke the speed record for getting across the country (NY to LA) in a car- 31 hours and 7 minutes. That's an average of 89 miles per hour! The previous record was set in 1983. To be completely accurate, Roy actually set the record in October of last year, but was only able to make the press release now after the statutes of limitations for all the states in which he broke the speeding laws had passed!

I totally understand that this may not be the most responsible or safe pursuit, but regardless, the story totally pumped me up... I mean, this guy is the closest thing to a modern day pirate! His 'pirate ship' was a BMW M5 disguised as a German Police car! What his story to the real police was going to be as to what a German police car was doing in America, I wouldn't know.

31 hours people! 31 hours! I've done the cross country road-trip several times, and my best time was 52 hours!

Roy's ridiculous speed aside, my own trips were definitely memorable and introspective experiences. Last summer, one of my best friends and I drove from DC to LA, through Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Vegas, and much more. The trip was filled with fun misadventures and only one minor scuffle. When I told my FoundTrack Amigo that I wanted to post the aforementioned story on our Blog, he suggested viewing the following music video to Lacquer's "Behind." I watched it, and it definitely captured the feeling of that festive cross country journey last summer:

Want to learn more about Alex Roy's attempt and success at breaking the coast to coast speed record? You're in luck... 1 year after breaking the record, Roy has now released a book that details his exploits in the world of outlaw racing.

Want to know what we were listening to on OUR cross country journey? Truth be told, the very first album of more than 50 we listened to along the way, was our very own July' 06 mixtape

Monday, October 15, 2007

Double the Fun for Tim Burton fans...

So I'm sitting here after a really crazy day of work sipping on a yummy Irish whiskey on the rocks and reminiscing about old times... wow, I feel like FoundTrack Partner-in-Crime right now. Ok, I'm getting side tracked here. On to the topic at hand-

The October '07 edition of the FoundTrack mixtape features "This is Halloween" (and perhaps more?) from the The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack by Danny Elfman. Contrary to popular belief, Tim Burton produced, not directed this classic cult animation sensation (based on poems and sketches of his). Call me Professor Cheesy, but I love the film because it combines my two favorite childhood times of year, Halloween and Christmas. In fact, the movie's probably my favorite musical of all time (or is that only?).

The aforementioned nostalgia aside, it's time for you Tim Burton fans out there to listen up... you're about to get a double dose of festive silver screen action. First up, Nightmare is being re-released in 3D for a limited engagement. If you haven't had a chance to see it on the big screen or haven't seen it at all, do yourself a favor and check it out. Take your family, a friend, significant other, significant other of the week, etc, and enjoy.

Next up is a project that's sure to be another cult sensation- Sweeney Todd (Well, maybe not quite the cult sensation that is Michael Keaton dressed as a bat, and Jack Nicholson in clown makeup, but a sensation nonetheless). Burton's film interpretation of the misadventures of anti-hero Sweeney Todd, 'The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,' has been getting a ton of hype. According to early word from a few friends that have seen a rough cut, the film is living up to said hype. FYI for those of you are new to the madness that is Sweeney Todd, he's a fictional villain/anti-hero that cuts his victims throats with his barbering straight-razor. Origins of this crazy guy date back to the 1800s, and he's been featured in stories/books/a musical, and more. Burton goes to his golden boy Johnnie Depp to fill Todd's shoes. Several others including Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, and everyone's favorite Khazakhstani/Intellectual-Brit, Sasha Baron Cohen, round out the cast. Here's a glimpse of what you'll see in theaters this X-mas:

Check out Danny Elfman in his pre-Tim Burton film-scoring days, rocking out with Oingo Boingo and partying with dead-men, on the October '06 MixTape.

Not interested in partying with dead-men? Party with us instead.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not Just a GOOD party @ Natural History Museum

It was a great party put on by the people of GOOD magazine for their first anniversary series, which basically is their way of celebrating their bday the whole week like we do and not just on the actual bday. Only difference is they get to go to different cities like DC, NY, and now LA and rent out the coolest museums in the country. I'm a little late on the GOOD tip but from what i gathered they are a magazine that brings together people with a shared interest in giving a damn and changing the world in whichever way they choose fit. All of the proceeds from subscriptions goes to help the organization of your choice. They also gave away really comfy shirts like the ones "from that team building exercise you did for your old work".

I came to the event to support my buddy Knew-Jack who'd helped with the outdoor playlist but when a little L.A. drizzle turned into a downpour, Natty History was like "You can stand under my um-bur-ella". The shelter housed the wet angelenos, dinosaurs, elephants, bears, moose, and DJ's remixing some naturally historic jams. Squeak E Clean got the party started right and quickly and handed it off to a ridiculous set of pumps and a bump from the Spank Rock DJ's Devlin and Darko.

Check out Spank Rock's new project, Bangers and Cash, for the amazingly filthy track "Bitch" featured on the October '07 edition of the FoundTrack mixtape.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Banksy Piece - a nod to a fallen Artist

Here's an amazing new piece from British Street Artists / Mystery Man, Banksy:

Apparently when Banksy first painted this location he created this:

A few weeks later, another British Graf Artist by the name of Ozone covered it up and wrote "‘If its better next time I’ll leave it." It looks like Banksy took the words to heart and agreed with him. Unfortunately in a truly sad turn of events, Ozone passed away before Banksy was able to put up a better piece. The piece that was eventually painted is a fitting nod to an artist that died carrying out his line of expression. Here's an excerpt from Banksy on his homepage:

"...When we lost Ozone we lost a fearless graffiti writer and as it turns out a pretty perceptive art critic. Ozone-rest in piece."

If you're interested in street art at all, Wooster Collective is an amazing blog with daily updates

Halloween Party - Hollywood Haunt IV

Hola-ween Amigos and Amigas:

We're having a big Halloween Party in LA later this month. DJs, photos, tricks, treats, magic and more. The party is Invite Only, so make sure to RSVP (you'll receive a confirmation email). Hope everyone gets festive-festive-festive on this best of all holidays.

Check out the Halloween Themed October 2007 MixTape to get in the mood...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How Band of Horses killed it @ Amoeba

1)Detlef Schrempf
Detlef Schrempf was a crucial player for the Seattle Supersonics in the early 90's but these days he spends most of his time as track 4 on the band of horses new album, Cease to Begin. The song has nothing to do with him but its as beautiful as his white-boy jams which in this picture he's about to do unless Jeff Hornacek is waiting above the rim of course.

Purchase Detlef Schrempf's rookie card here
Purchase Jeff Hornacek's rookie card here

2) Stage Presence
Any time a singer closes their eyes yet looks in depth to try to find a place where their voice can rise....that my a performance..i think i just closed my eyes and made that rhyme....anyhow, back to Ben now ; ) him and the rest of the herd put every ounce into each his own instrument and i became just as interested in their lives as their music. I wanted to travel across country with them and wondered the moment Ben discovered the strength of his voice.

3)They leave me wanting more
Hopefully a live performance of the song "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" when they return to LA in November and maybe a song on their next album called "Sedale Threatt. Tyler Ramsey, who helped out on guitar at the in-store told me after the show that he was going to open for them at the Avalon show on Nov. 24th. Buy tickets here before they sell out.

4) "You make me feel alive"
This was a shout out loud from one of the spectators between songs. Ben Bridwell smiled with his thumbs up in the middle of a song and pointed to a couple who had crammed under the listening booths upstairs to catch sight of his band (two heads above the info. sign)..

5) Mt. Pleasant
The Band of Horses signed my Cease to Begin vinyl insert of their new home where they recorded most of the album... The insert was a photograph of the setting sun hugging the cirrus clouds in Mt. pleasant , SC. I have a feeling this scene produced the lyrics "the world is such a wonderful place" from "Ode to LRC." This is going on Nass' list of places to see before i lied-dee-die.

Hear Band of Horses on the October 2007 MixTape

New Radiohead LP "In Rainbows" now Online

Hola Amigos, the new Radiohead album "In Rainbows," is out and available for purchase as a digital exclusive. If you haven't heard yet, Radiohead's no longer on a label, and are therefore letting the consumer pay as much or as little as they want to download it. Later in December the album will be released as a collector's edtion box set with a bonus disc and vinyl as well.

Can't wait to hear how many downloads and sales Radiohead gets off this thing. Gotta give them props for the progressive strategy to distributing music. Word on the interwebs is that Jamiroquai, Nine Inch Nails (recently free of a label as well), and Oasis are following suit.

Over the past year, Radiohead has been previewing some of the tracks off of "In Rainbows" (aka LP7). Here is a performance of "Videotape," the last track on the album, live from Bonnaroo 2006:

Checkout Radiohead's Thom Yorke on the very first edition of the FoundTrack MixTape - July '06

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kanye and Timbaland fine-tune "Stronger"

I've wanted to put in my 2 cents about Kanye West since "Stronger" was leaked, but figured it was a totally saturated point of discussion. Nonetheless, I found this behind-the-scenes video on Kanye's official blog, and it's pretty awesome. It details the process of fine tuning the mix-down of "Stronger," and it shows a side of Mr. West far from his usual public persona. Apparently, Kanye was unhappy with the drums on the track and asked Timbaland- Master of the drum track himself, to consult:

In my opinion, Kanye can talk as much smack as he wants... he's the only guy in the mainstream music game that can back his words up with 3 solid albums in 4 years.

Check out the Mano Remix of "Stronger" on the August '07 FoundTrack MixTape
Check out Timbaland's "Give it to Me" on the March '07 FoundTrack MixTape

Have Optimus Prime prank-call your Friends!

For the past six months everybody at my office has been going crazy getting the Transformers DVD ready for the masses. While it's generally been a hair-graying experience, this little interactive promotional stunt for the release is mucho fun. Kill a few minutes by having Optimus Prime prank-call your Friends!

Optimus Prime- Personalized Message

We were on the Transformers bandwagon wayyy early... checkout the November '06 MixTape ;-)~

Friday, October 5, 2007