Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jini's Pick of the Week - Wish You Were Here - London x NYC

So, one or two of you may have noticed that Jini's Pick of the Week has been on summer hiatus but as with most good things (the return of Grey's Anatomy anyone?) I am back for the fall season and with a transatlantic theme to boot...

If you find yourself in London this month, then you must check out Carnaby's Newburgh Quarter (which you should do anytime of year anyway) as they've got a New York theme going on. 30 independent boutiques from the Lower East Side of NYC have set up their wares in two pop-shops in the famous Carnaby Street area. The London boutiques were in New York last month and now it's the turn of the New Yorkers to show London what it's got. With a bunch of free events, such as a block party on Oct 18th, and a New York style Halloween party on Oct 31st there's plenty to do. And they've even transported Central Perk to the area until Oct 7th in celebration of Friends' 15th Anniversary - if you can get past the long line of tourists, go grab your free cup of java...
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