Monday, November 29, 2010

La Femme

Very suspicious. Best i can do to describe the recent French transplants known as La Femme. The music sounds like they are up to some sort of thievery corporation and they may steal all of your attention very soon. Immediately bringing the sounds of the 80's dark disco scene like Bauhaus, Moroder, and the intense levels of Nintendo's Castlevania soundtrack. They played at FTW's weekly at Bardot last Friday and have a few more west coast dates lined up in the coming weeks, including a show this Thursday at Ana Calderon's Nomerica night at El Cid. After further investigation, i realized that of course it happens to be the latest release from our friends at the hip from the hip down to the toes french imprint, Third Side Records. La Femme will be releasing their debut EP on December 14th.

LA FEMME - Telegraphe from lafemmeressortt on Vimeo.

and yes..they did moon you at the 1:57 mark. as i said, very suspicious.

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