Thursday, April 14, 2011

Found in London - Katy B

As the beautiful weather seems to be taking a break over here in London (but seems to have found its way back to LA), I find myself back at my computer and looking for the best and brightest of British music to share with you fine folks. Having played the part of iPod DJ this past weekend, I'm looking at an artist that definitely set the crowd going (except maybe that one person who requested Fleetwood Mac!).
Katy B, a pure bred Londoner, has just released her debut album in the UK, On a Mission (Sony/Rinse), and with a few chart-topping tracks under her belt, she's already a regular presence in the UK club scene. A female vocalist in the dance genre producing a solid album is not the easiest of tasks but Miss B pulls it off effortlessly. With hits such as "Katy on a Mission" (see below) and the recently released "Broken Record", this talented lady has already flown into the UK charts at #2 (just behind Adele).

For those who remember the explosion of the garage scene in the UK charts almost a decade ago (boy, I suddenly feel old), you may remember Ms. Dynamite who features on the single "Lights Out", check out the video below:

Next week: am off to LA, and will report back from the Ellie Goulding gig at Music Box LA.

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