Friday, May 6, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Berlin Currywurst

"Don't forget to get a photo of the empty plate," said co-owner Hardeep Manak, of Berlin Currywurst in Silver Lake. I was about to walk away with my DSLR in hand, but turned back for one last shot.

I wasn't surprised when I learned that Hardeep was rising in the ranks of the marketing world in Berlin not long before he and his wife, Lena, quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue their dream of owning a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Today their vison has been realized in the form of a hip, new Sunset Junction dining spot, currently introducing Angelenos to the Berliner street food favorite, currywurst.

The original currywurst was created sixty years ago by a German housewife who used curry and other newly imported spices to concoct a thick, savory sauce. She smothered the chopped traditional German wursts with the spicy ketchup-based curry sauce and served it up with a side of fresh baked bread for soaking up the drippings.

The menu at Berlin Currywurst—which opened in February—pays respect to the storied national dish while also offering more modern interpretations sure to please the sophisticated palates of Angelenos.

Tofuwurst, anyone? Or how about infusing your curry sauce with fruit, garlic, or chipotle flavors? The degree of spiciness can be tailored as well, from 1 ("Berlin Calling") to 4 ("Break the Wall").

On our visit, Shevin and I indulged in two varieties: the paprikawurst and the veal and pork wurst. The former was spicy with a punch of garlic and a hint of smokiness. Both varieties were grilled to perfection, with a snappy crunch with each bite into the casing.

Topped with minced onions and a sprinkling of spices, the golden hand-cut fries pair nicely with the spicy currywurst.

According to Hardeep and Lena, not only do their "hearts beat for currywurst," but also for sunny California. If the quality, flavors, and friendly service are any indication, I think they'll be enjoying the LA sunshine for years to come.

Dining at Berlin Currywurst and meeting this couple will certainly inspire you to search for airfare to Berlin when you return to your laptop. Perhaps you'll even entertain the idea of following in their brave footsteps by opening up a fusion taco truck in one of Berlin's arts districts. Both Hardeep and Lena think German appetites would gladly welcome the exchange.

Berlin Currywurst, 3827 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026. 323.663.1989,, MAP.

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  1. So excellent to see that Germany's only culinarily interesting dish has finally arrived in LA. And then you see the price tag. Eek!

  2. Excellent blog post here..Your Friday is really looking foodie..The photos you shared here are also saying that you are really enjoying Friday..