Saturday, March 5, 2011

Caught A Ghost - First Show - TONIGHT

A week ago i ran into Jesse Nolan, lead man of one of FoundTrack's favorite live acts, Red Arrow Messenger. He told me about his new project, Caught A Ghost. Although it's only a few months young, the new brand is carrying a lot of momentum going into their debut performance tonight at the unknown Son of Semele theather in Echo Park. Apparently, the intimate affair will feature a three part horn section, home-made projection videos from found footage (like below) for every song and lasers.... yes, lasers. All three songs on their CAG mixtape sound very promising. Defly a band on the rise and not a ghost for long.

Here is a homemade video for what should be their single, "Sleeping At Night", shot on Jesse's iphone

Also be sure to catch the new video for the C.A.G. RADIOHEAD, Beatles, and Nicki Minaj mashup here

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