Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alabama Shakes Secret Show at Lakeside Lounge (NY)

The Alabama Shakes are everything a live show ought to be. Back in October for CMJ, they conquered NY's lyrical litmus test, the Bowery Ballroom, on their first big stage bout and won the hearts of every music mogul/college radio program director in attendance. This past week, they made their first trip back since the word spread of their invigorating and epic live performance.

Not surprising the least bit that they sold out Mercury Lounge, but selling out Brooklyn Bowl immediately in a late add the following night is very telling of the promise of this Athens Alabama band. Luckily, I live a few blocks away from where their impromptu 3rd show in three nights took place. This time, a secret show at the Lakeside Lounge, an east village neighborhood staple that fits 150 max and is charmed by paintings by Steve Keene, and likely the smallest place they will ever play again.

I got there 1.5 hours early and it was a very unusual vibe in the bar. Almost everyone seemed in on the secret and living up to the theme, they were all talking in low suspicious tones, perhaps mostly because the Shakes were busy taping an interview with myspace in the main room. Before i could order a round of beer, the floodgates had opened and the main room was filled to the brim. Luckily, i found a prime spot in the middle of the action. Brittany Howard, main singer and star of the Shakes, warmed the crowd up and it must have been seeping through the glass windows because there were a large group of passerbys waiting outside of the lounge in one of the early winter's coldest nights just to eavesedrop on the spectacle happening before them. It was true greatness. Here is the proof in the pudding.

here is a link to their upcoming tour dates.

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