Sunday, December 4, 2011

Darkside < --- new project from Nico Jaar

Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington - Darkside EP Revisiting Four Tet’s Love Cry on the train earlier today brought back out a penchant for smooth and jittery electronic percussion which had almost completely subsided in my listening habits these past few months. Nicolas Jaar is someone who had passed me until now, and its only really today that I’ve spent listening in depth to these poly-rhythmic installations of sound art, hip-hop and IDM. Having grown up in Chile’s capital city and released his first record ‘space is only noise’ in 2011, the 21-year old producer was named today as the second place album for Rough Trade’s album of the year and begun releasing music from a follow-up EP ‘Darkside’, which are without doubt some of his best yet.  In interviews Jaar concedes that its the inspiration lacking, not the technique, and when he finds that zest for a new track the songs flow out on to the computer in a matter of days. These complex and chrome-finished pieces sound like the workings of a complex mathematical mind, strewn together by a few common themes, not the kind of thoughtless developments on a single theme by which so much electronica can be characterised. Soulful and baritone vocals are so unexpected and so powerful when they drop. Enjoy the Darkside EP, in collaboration with Dave Harrington, streaming in full below courtesy of Jaar’s own Clown & Sunset.    DARKSIDE - A1 by Clown & Sunset    DARKSIDE - A2 by Clown & Sunset    DARKSIDE - A3 by Clown & Sunset

This week i missed the world debut of the new collaboration between Nico Jaar and Dave Harrington at Music Hall of Williamsburgh. By all accounts, it was something special. Just heard the EP, also special and free for a stream at the soundcloud page for Nico's Clown & Sunset label. embedification below. Don't sleep on this or it will wake you when you least expect it.

DARKSIDE - DARKSIDE EP by Clown & Sunset

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