Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Superhero

A few months ago i was spending way too much time staring at my computer screen and compiling our March 2007 mix on a gloomy sunday so I decided to listen in motion and run to and through Beachwood canyon. After all, I never mind being the third wheel on a date between my ipod and my running shoes. For some reason i felt like reliving my times in New York running past the sidewalk traffic, dodging them as if i was returning a kickoff.

Therefore I turned right onto Hollywood blvd. on my way to the canyon and approached the fatal fanny packs of the visiting world descending upon the walk of fame in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. At this point in my run came my first listening session of Arcade Fire's Neon Bible on shuffle and the song that hit as i had been tackled by traffic was "Ocean of Noise". I can only assume you too know the first impression of a great song and so i just had to stop, walk , and surrender. The crowd huddled around the predictable team of superheroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and of course Spiderman. What wasn't so predictable was the juxtaposition of these characters with this sad love song on this dark day. I then listened to the second half of the song from their point of view. Them being the actors not the actual superheroes. I wondered what else these people have on their minds other than of course saving the world, fighting crime and greatly appreciating tips. In case you're also curious in unmasking some of our favorite childhood heroes Laemmle's music hall 3 is going to be screening "Confessions of a Superhero" until Thanksgiving day.

To hear Calexico's rendition of "Ocean of Noise", check out our August 2007 edition.

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