Wednesday, November 7, 2007

iPod Touch Ad created by student (featuring music by CSS)

I read about this on Five Four Clothing's Blog earlier and thought I'd share. British student Nick Hale, an Apple fan and a fan of CSS' music, created his own ad for the new iPod Touch and uploaded it to YouTube, where it quickly became a popular video. Apparently, someone at Apple marketing caught on to the hype, got in touch with Nick, and had Apple's ad agency cleanup and remake the video which is now running on national TV.

Nick thought that CSS' lyric “My music is where I’d like you to touch” fit perfectly with Apple's new device the iPod Touch. "Music is my hot, hot sex" is one of my favorite FoundTrack tunes we've featured, and Nick's video is pretty stylin'. It's always awesome to see amateur work be recognized. We're living in a world where it's getting more and more accessible for people at home to create professional level art and content, so hopefully all this technology will make set the competitive bar higher for everyone.

Checkout Nick's original version, followed by the national ad... it remained pretty faithful to the original.

Nick's Original spec:

Apple's National ad:

Find the original article from the New York Times, here

Check out the featured tune, "Music is my hot, hot sex" by CSS on FoundTrack's July '06 Edition

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  1. Hey, it's interesting to hear the background behind that commercial. I was just singing that the other day!