Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Love Earth

So for all those that weren't lucky enough to get a Friday afternoon off to watch a film in the most fabulous theater in London, let me just rub it in. I was lucky enough to get to watch a preview of the new BBC feature length documentary "Earth" at the Electric Cinema on Portabello Road. Let me just paint you a picture - 100 individual leather lounge chairs complete with foot stools, and free popcorn waiting on our side tables. Then a quick trip to the bar for our free soda. Back to the film - ultimately an example of what the BBC does best - stunning cinematography, reserved narrative, and letting the animals tell the story of our planet. I was informed that they were using some of the best bits from the top-selling Planet Earth series, but for one of the few who has still not seen the award-winning BBC documentary, I was in complete awe of the impossible panoramic shots the camera was able to get. And not to get too girly on you, but I could not help but coo at the screen when the baby animals struggled to keep up with their parents. With the obvious message that Al Gore has ingrained in us about climate change and preserving our planet, it definitely hit home that the animals aren't just there to look cute. Although I half expected the penguins to start singing and dancing and the pace was so slow at times, I did find myself falling asleeps (but that could have been the comfy chairs), there were spectacular visuals, comedic moments, and more than enough animals to keep the cute overload website busy for weeks. Oh and with Patrick Stewart narrating, what more do you need?

Check out one of the cutest/funniest moment, set to Jose Gonzalez in this YouTube video:

To learn more about the film and the environmental issues associated with it, visit

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