Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 18/22) - Maus Haus - Rigid Breakfast

Maus Haus - Rigid Breakfast (Track 18 of 22)
Album - Lark Marvels (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Pretty Blue Presents

Maus Haus are a San Francisco sextet who obviously aren't photogenic, but have opened my eyes and ears to their experimental efforts of freaky electro post-rock on their debut full-length, Lark Marvels. Recorded over the last year in San Francisco, the album's 12 songs contain a variety of modes, often recalling rhythm-shifting 60s psych pop a la Captain Beefheart , krautrock, avant jazz, and a ramshackle of electronic sounds, all mastered by Roger Seibel (Tortoise, !!!, Coco Rosie, Pit er Pat, Elliot Smith). Our featured "Rigid Breakfast" brings to mind a liftoff into an underground labratory with an inception of a robot gone extremely bad. Here's to considering it.

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