Friday, June 5, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 19/22) - Illa J - We Here

Illa J - We Here ( Track 19 of 22)
Album - Yancey Boys (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Delicious Vinyl

Yancey Boys is the debut release from Detroit's Illa J, younger brother of the late great hip-hop producing prodigy James Yancey (AKA Jay Dee/J Dilla). Upon moving to LA to pursue his music career, Illa J had inherited a CD of his brother's unreleased beats from Delicious Vinyl label owner/founder, Michael Ross. With the multi-talented Illa J rhyming and singing over a treasure trove of previously untouched Jay Dee gems, the full-circle collaboration of the Yancey Brothers had begun. Check out the video to our featured cut,"We Here", where Illa J's soulful tenor delivers a celebration to be had on the first and every day of the year.

Don't miss Illa J, as he performs at the weekly Low End Theory at the airliner club in downtown LA on June 17th.

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