Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Work & Prints by Artist Edward Walton Wilcox

It's been a while since we've checked in with our friend, painter Edward Walton Wilcox, and it looks like he's been up to a lot. He's got several new works and of the most interest to us is that he now has several limited edition prints available on his site. Checkout these pieces and the press release below for more info! For those of you in Europe, Edward and his Wife are in your neck of the woods gearing up for a show in Berlin! Stay tuned for more info!

Press release:

The highly sought after work of award winning American Gothic painter Edward Walton Wilcox is now available online in small run editions. If you can’t make it to Berlin this summer for his next show at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery check out the recently launched online store. David Cotner from LA Weekly states, “The eye swallows up Wilcox’s isolated apocalypses in miniature that glow with burnished fury as houses go up in flames and twilit sleepwalkers find themselves in the middle of nowhere. In Wilcox's spaces, no one can hear you scream — they just watch you do it in radiantly muted, sepia-toned slow-motion. Wilcox's work is a brilliant and romantic star hurtling through the same galaxy as fellow travelers Odd Nerdrum and Hieronymous Bosch, so if you like your aesthetic dread spiked with the imploding placid inevitable, then this is the art for you.”
Consistent with medieval techniques employed in Wilcox’s paintings, the hand made prints are a combination of the same materials used in the originals. Cabinet makers’ birch hard wood is coated with multiple layers of hand laid gesso as the sub-straight for each print, followed by an over-painting and varnishing resulting in a surface texture strikingly similar to that of the original and due to the individualized treatment of every piece the result is a reproduction unique unto itself.

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