Monday, September 28, 2009

Bon Iver : At Sunrise - 9/27/09

Last Sunday morning as the summer had fell to fall, a puff of fog from a magic dragon named Bon Iver had descended to a field of dreams along with several hundred privileged fans, imposing over the house of the hippest place to die, The Hollywood Forever Cemetary. In getting ready for the slumber party, there was no sleeping bag necessary. After all...what's a good sleepover accompanied by a shut eye. Especially when live entertainment includes a mix of Wes Anderson's "Bottle Rocket", two carefully folked up playlists of new and old storytellers, a series of moving images of the "Planet Earth", blessings from Buddhist monks and of course, breakfast of champions with a 70 minute live performance of everything recorded by the curator as the sky changed light. I could review this unique experience for you but i'd rather share it through its sights and sounds.

If you want more professional journalism and pictures, please check out the LA Weekly review featuring incredible shots from our ballin' shot Colin Young-Wolff. Special thanks to friends Jenny and Seth for welcoming me into their prime plot of land.

Unfortunately, quite possibly my one shining moment of amateur bootleg concert videography of the last song was accidentally formatted/lost in space. Meanwhile, enjoy the video below taken at Bon Iver's outside lands performance in 2008. I know it's far from a close-up but there's a pretty lesson to be learned at the 2:40 mark for anyone that's interested in seizing the day.

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