Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TV Tuesday: A Very Special Episode...

Is it me or is Television so unflattering these days? Who remembers when you would stay at home on Friday nights just so you could order pizza and watch the latest episodes of "Perfect Strangers", "Step By Step", "Family Matters" and "Full House" on ABC's TGIF, or even random Saturday morning cartoons like "ProStars" and "Camp Candy" from the incredible production company DIC and super-producer Peter Engel's "Saved by the Bell" and "California Dreams?" Maybe I'm stuck in a moment and i can't get out of it but this was what my childhood was all about. If you've been following us you know by now that I might overstate my fair share of Nass-talgia, but the event that's happening tonight at Cinefamily's Silent Movie Theatre happens once in a life-time.

Tonight, we will witness half a dozen fine prime-time quintessential sitcoms involving themes of death, cast members getting backhanded across the room by drunken guest Stars (hint hint-rhymes with Lom Ganks)..., prostitution, surreal dream sequences by Alex P and much more as "very special episodes" get way too specialized. Come one, come all and share laughs since the in-studio audience was forbidden to during the recording. Our favorite example is below courtesy of Youtube's chrono2300 with a special remix edit featuring Le Tigre's version of "I'm so Excited".

To get YOU so excited/scared for tonight's main event, we've included a special party favor from the episode in which this takes place.

mp3 - Saved by the Bell - Put Your Mind To It

Also, be sure to check out IGN TV's top 10 special episodes and please join the Jesse Spano Facebook support group.

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