Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weird Science from Dan Black

The electromagnetic British supa-star Dan Black is about to land on the west side of his brief US tour in support of the recently released full-length debut, ((UN)), through the Paris/NY based The Hours. Dan will be performing tonight at Dim Mak's Tuesday night weekly at Cinespace (Flier on right) and then one last Los Angeles stop at Spaceland for their Club NME Wednesday series. "Symphonies", the string-laden masterpiece with Kid Kudi, is featured on HBO's impressive "How to Make it in America - The Mixtape"... speaking of mixtapes, Dan is eating one above but has made sure to make digital copies of Weird Science, his own lil' experiment mixing DNA strands of hits by Kate Bush/Madonna/Henryck Gorecki, Busta Rhymes and the Boss in the Dan Black bunsen burner. It's available for Download right here. Below is the video for the aforementioned "Symphonies" sans Kid Kudi but with the best motion picture title exhibitions I've ever seen. Thanks to FoundTrack's resident Voice-Over Mixtape Introducer Tatonka for hipping us to this way back when.

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