Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nass' Found Five - Week Ending Sept 2nd

1) Mazes and Blue Ribbon Glee Club - Peace Can Do No Wrong
- Composed of former members of The 1900s ; 2nd album is due out next month on Parasol Records ; this is the premiere single from the new record . 
Found on BK Vegan

2) TEEN - Electric
- great sound from this new psychedelic girl group ; the video for "Electric" does justice to the greatness of this song. Great chance to see these girls in a small venue this wednesday at their record release at Glasslands before they tour with Ariel Pink and turn some heads. 
Found on Stereogum's monthly mixtape - August

3) Melodium - In Deserto
Beautiful music from French producer out of the Portand based Audio Dregs label (run by E*vax of Ratatat and his brother); highly recommend his 2012 release The Island but all of them are great. great soundtrack to my bike riding around the city ; not that i wear headphones when i ride : o
Found on Spotify

4) Depth Affect - Hero Crisis
- another french Producer ; what's going on with these guys ; I rediscovered this gem from 2008 ; reminds me of Ellen Alien's collab with Apparat. So good. 
Found on Spotify

5) Giuda - Here Comes Saturday Night
- Pronounced Juda like Judas Priest without the S. get ready to pump your fists and clap your hands to this amazing italian glam rock band ; these guys tore down the cake shop last week and speaking of Saturday Night, Here comes my new favorite italians at St. Vitus bar ; don't miss this band
Found from Cake Shop Website

Honorable Mentions
Wild Nothing - Paradise
Cat Power - Cherokee
AC Newman - I'm Not Talking
Regal Degal - Not Mired
Petite Noir - Till We Ghosts
Alaska in Winter - Crystal Tears

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