Saturday, January 8, 2011

Com Truise

My friend Nicole Cifani hipped me to this great NJ-based chillwave producer named Com Truise (aka Seth Haley), not to be confused with the maverick scientologist. Delighted by everything i've heard including remixes that take the singles up a notch from such artists as Twin Shadow, Neon Indian and Franklin. Music is described as "slow motion 32-bit synth". I'm more of a turbo graphix 16 kind of guy but regardless, don't sleep on this dude < --- meaning best beware. Like me, he's a fan of Boards of Canada, and since they've been long overdue for a release, Com Truise is more than welcome to take a comfy seat in my itunes. After reading his interview on URB, i like Com Truise more than Jerry Maguire.

Here is the video for Fairlight created by 10lb Pictures. You can download “Fairlight” as a part of the most beautiful looking blog i know, ISO50, and their “Dry Waves” compilation here.

Com Truise 'FairLight' from 10lb Pictures on Vimeo.

Lastly, you can download Com Truise's Cyanide Sisters EP, and Pyragony 12" for FREE dollars and 0 cents on his website.

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