Monday, January 3, 2011

FoundTrack's Recommended Shows - Found in LA - Jan 3rd - Jan 9th

UPDATED - January 8th

Monday January 3rd

-Grouplove (January Residents), Guards (New York), Alex Walker (New York) @ Bootleg
- Kinch (Phoenix), Maniac, Wild Eyes, Paper Tiger (Mike and Drew of Chasing Kings) @ Silverlake Lounge (FREE)
- Lucy Schwartz and band, Lovebird feat. Nicole Emery, plus guest DJ Cerise (NY) @ Bardot (School Night)

Tuesday January 4th
- Torches In Trees, Railroad to Alaska, Bikos, The Sunshine Factory @ Silverlake Lounge
- Olin and the Moon, Diamond Light, Demo Team @ Echo

Wednesday January 5th
- Polls, Alpine Decline, Blonde Summer @ Silverlake Lounge
- (CANCELED) Foster the People @ Echo (CANCELED)

Thursday January 6th
- Act As If, The New Assembly, Jaimie Stein, Braxton Olita @ Silverlake Lounge
- Peter and the Wolf, Moses Campbell, Black Jesus @ The Smell

Friday January 7th
- Vinnie Ferra and Billygoat @ Bootleg Theater
- Little Dragon, Sister Crayon, DJ Anthony Valadez, DJ Garth Trinidad @ The Natural History Museum
- High Places, Ghost Animal @ The Smell (13th Anniversary- Day One)
- Downtown/Unioin, Sugarplum, Polaris at Midnight @ Echo (Club Underground)

Saturday January 8th
- Captain Ahab, Square Root of Evil @ The Smell (13th Anniversary- Day Two)
- Little Dragon, Billygoat @ Echoplex

Sunday January 9th
- Michael Davis (Feat. Dawes), The Stamps and The Chances @ Bootleg Theater
- Love Grenades @ The Echo
- Dominant Legs, Ghost Animal @ Space 15 Twenty

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