Thursday, September 4, 2008

FoundTrack's August '08 Compilation (Track 16/16) - For Misty - Portland Cello Project

For Misty - Portland Cello Project (Track 16/16)
Album - Portland Cello Project (Purchase)
Label - Unsigned
Photo taken by Alicia J. Rose

The Portland Cello Project (PCP) is an indie cello orchestra comprised of an ensemble of 8-16 cellists collaborating with some of the biggest names in the Portland music scene including the Horse Feathers, Dandy Warhols, Laura Gibson and a host of others. At one of their eclectic sessions you might hear anything from Bach, to Britney Spears and even a little bit of Salt-N-Peppa. That's right, this ain't no mellow cello troupe, they got some spice in their step. They have just released their debut full-length featuring collaborations with Three Leg Torso, Loch Lomond, Weinland, and of course Heather Woods Broderick on our compilation closer, "For Misty". Here is a clip from their sold-out show at the Alladin Theatre this past Spring.

Weinland and The Portland Cello Project: "God Here I Come" from Douglas Jenkins on Vimeo.

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