Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gratuitous Nintendo Power Glove Video from "The Wizard"

Any of you kids that grew up in the 80s will totally remember the "Power Glove," a Nintendo controller that promised to be the pinnacle of video game technology, but ended up being a retro fashion treasure. Said fashion piece was first revealed in the 80s video game movie, "The Wizard" starring Wonder Years child star Fred Savage, AND Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis- a film that must have been financed by Nintendo's marketing budget, as it also revealed Super Mario Brothers 3 to the public:

Marchelle Madness from Bedtime for Toys (recently featured on sent us this amazing Power Glove focused clip from the movie and it inspired this entire post. I totally want this little pimp's top secret briefcase!:

Checkout more 80s retro revival Power Glove action at the 1:13 mark of Hyper Crush's music video to "The Arcade" (produced by FoundTrack Friends Emile and Jamie of Six29 Entertainment):

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