Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Puma's PT3 Ping Pong Tournament @ Zune L.A.

This past Saturday Nass, $tyles G and I checked out a really random but super fun event- get this... a Ping Pong Tournament (PT3) hosted by Puma over at the Zune L.A. space. The tournament has been an annual event in NY for a couple years now, but made it's first trip to LA. The tournament featured teams from all sorts of well known LA based groups including, KCRW, Flaunt Magazine, Undefeated, Paramount Pictures, Smashbox Studios, and Stones Throw Records (to name a few). Here are a few photos from the madness that was PT3 (for a whole lot more checkout Nass' full gallery, and the official PT3 gallery):

Nass, KCRW Music Librarian Eric J Lawrence, and the KCRW Team:

Peanut Butter Wolf and the Stones Throw squad:

Foundtrack Friend Adam Bobrow was volunteering as a ref for the tournament. Bobrow's the founder of USC's Table Tennis team "the Ping Pong Posse," a stand up comedian and an actor... make sure to check him out in "Balls of Fury" (as one of Christopher Walken's prisoners) and "Ping Pong Playa." I used to do a radioshow with this dude in college and he's a really funny dude:

Nass and Eric depict their Love/Hate relationship:

Tournament of Cultural Champions:

They had a bunch of tables where guests could play as well, including this rad one one of the outdoor patios:

Random cutie checking out the intense playing style of the Undefeated crew:

And finally the championship came down to Cosmo St vs Smashbox Studios:

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