Thursday, October 2, 2008

Diesel Kids "Explorers" Short Film

So at some point a couple days ago someone forwarded me the super funny and somewhat racy Diesel XXX viral video. The video did its intended job and got me over to Diesel's site where I ended up checking out most of the collections on it. The sickest thing that caught my eye was the amazingly tripped out short film that intros the Kid's Fall/Winter '08 collection. Don't know much about the production itself, but it's depicts a bunch of kids going through crazy dreamlike adventures in space and fantasy lands:

Well anyway, the film is definitely in line with the collection as the inspiration for creative director Wilbert Das and his team spanned everything from Arctic exploration to Space Travel. Here are a few of the many rad photos from the collection- I'm diggin' the wild stylized production design going on:

** Checkout all of Diesel's collections at their official site

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