Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! - Creepy Horror Photography by Joshua Hoffine

Happy Halloween party people! Checkout these amazing images by photographer Joshua Hoffine. According to his personal website, he is inspired by fantasy, horror and Disney films, and obviously digs shooting with high production value. Combining interesting sets, special FX makeup, amazing lighting and elemental effects such as fog, Hoffine creates ridiculously stylized and vivid images. I'm a huge fan of photography with cinema like production value, so Joshua's photos hit it out of the ball park for me. Have a wicked Halloween tonight folks, and until then enjoy these imagse. Prints can be purchased on the artist's site:

Everyone loves a circus of the dead:

This is what you get for being a princess:

This one is just plain freaky:

I would have taken my chances with the microwave:

You can see the Disney (technically Pixar) influence here... Real life Monsters Inc.!:

Trick or Trick:

"IT" is still the scariest movie ever (see trailer below):


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