Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Preview of tonight's Presidential Debate (and, RIP Neal Hefti 1922-2008)

FoundTrack's favorite NY contributor Gill Bumby just sent us this little preview of tonight's Presidential Debate. Enjoy, and feel free to place Obama and McCain into either the Penguin or Batman roles as you see fit... though the real question is whether Biden or Palin is Robin?:

And in related Bat-news, we're sad to report that composer and jazz trumpeter Neal Hefti, the musician behind the "Nana na na na na na BATMAN!" AND "Odd Couple" theme songs has passed away. In remembrance of him, here's the classic tune:


  1. How is mccain not the fucking penguin? come on.

  2. Trying to remain nonpartisan here... ;-)~