Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Movie Trailer Monday - "Transporter 3"... wait... really?

So I noticed I've posted "Oscar hopeful" films the past couple weeks on Movie Trailer Mondays, so I decided to switch things up and provide some good ol' wholesome and brainless fun times for all. The new trailer to "Transporter 3" has been released, and it looks like it continues the tradition of insane car chases, and over the top fight scenes the franchise is known for. Dapper tough dude Jason Statham is back as the driver, and this time has to deliver a package so valuable that he's forced to wear a wrist bomb that will go off if he gets too far from his car (the signature Audi is back, but unfortunately it isn't this model). OH, and I forgot to mention one thing- the awesome Robert Knepper who plays the homicidal maniac "T-Bag" on Prison Break (my #1 guilty pleasure on TV) plays the villain in Transporter 3 as well... should be pretty creepy:

Now sit back, turn off your brain and enjoy:


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