Monday, April 13, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 8/22) - Little Red - Coca Cola

Little Red - Coca Cola (Track 8/22)
Album - Listen to Little Red (Import Only)
Label - Hooch Hound/Shock

Melbourne's Little Red caught my ear immediately upon taking the advice of their commanding debut self-release "Listen to Little Red". You'd think that a band comprised of 5 kids with a combined age of less than a century would sound a bit adolescent but these guys sound like their forefathers...i'm sorry, five fathers.
I know that this retro-sound is getting a little too reworked these days but Little Red's music isn't contrived and sounds like they could keep up with Marty McFly and his bandmates on prom night in Back to the Future. Although you may not have heard of them yet in the states, these kids are huge in Europe and Australia, playing about every festival you can imagine and earning high honors on the reputable radio stations such as Australia's Triple J. They are now embarking on the "Here Comes the Night" tour named after their second album. Here is the video to our featured "Coca Cola" to quench your thirst.

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