Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jini's Pick of the Week -

So a couple months ago, I featured the cool Spotify software that gave users access to millions of songs through a simple itunes-like program. Now here's another site that allows access to 3million + songs directly through their website

This British website, was only launched a couple of years ago and is co-founded by the one and only Peter Gabriel. It's a simple concept really - they've tagged on ads to the songs which allows users free access to music, with the option to buy also, and ensures artists get paid. They also have a simple “Search, Click and Play” and a “play anywhere” service which allows blogs and websites to link to and have their users listen to music powered by WE7.

There's quite a few of these sites popping up - so let's hope that the record industry has stopped thinking that the internet is the downfall of the music industry - embrace it people!

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