Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 9/22) - Sporto Kantes - Whistle

Sporto Kantes - Whistle (Track 9/22)
Album - 3 At Last (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Le Village Vert

Sporto Kantes is what happens when Benjamin Sportes meets Nicolas Kantorovwicz. The Parisian electro-duo formed in the aftermath of the first wave of mid-'90s French house lapped up by those seeking a way to wind down after a night of furious funking to the likes of Pepe Bradock and Daft Punk. Benjamin's forte was Rockabilly whereas Nicolas specialized in Trash, but when they unite you hear everything from dub, jazz, reggae, hip hop to Latin and Afro-Cuban influences with modern breakbeat technology. Overall insanely catchy and fun downtempo electro formed from sampling with an Atari S 2000. Special Thanks To David @ Third Side for hipping us in the states to this freshness. If this hasn't been in a commercial yet, it defly belongs there. Here's the video to our featured hit,"Whistle".

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