Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zikmu Couture Speakers by Philippe Starck x Parrot

Wi-fi is everywhere but I was blown away when I heard that they were making wireless speakers with connections embedded in them. Well that's what designer Philippe Stark and Paris-based electronics company Parrot have created with the couture speakers they call "Zikmu." The speakers stand 2.5 feet tall and can be placed up to 30 feet apart from each other. One of the speakers has an iPhone/iPod dock that doubles as a charger to keep your device ready to go.

These speakers are absolutely sheik. For some time I've been looking for some wireless speakers that would provide some ambiance and exceptional sound to two of my three floors in my place. With 30 feet of separation between the two speakers I can place one speaker on my second floor and the other at the top of the stairwell on my third floor - while managing my music via my computer or iPod. Oh, did i forget to mention that this speakers allow you to directly stream music from your PC or MAC!!! The design resembles a modern sculpture and can be great a conversational pieces or blend well with a home already filled with art. What more can you ask for, well I know what I can ask for - a pair from the manufacturer! The pair will run you $1,500 and from what I hear well worth it. Check out the carrying case they come in!!!

Source: Inc. Magazine

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