Monday, May 11, 2009


Panthére "Superstition" Live at COMME des Garçons +1 213 from 010 +-4.40 on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things about developing the FoundTrack brand is getting to meet and work with fellow crazy creative types. Take for example Camerin of Trademark Recordings and Jean Marc Virard of Le Branche (and Puma). Trademark is Camerin's record label where several acts are repped including two of his personal projects Moab and Lantern. Camerin and I have collabo'ed on some crazy film projects in the past and this dude is one of those half mad scientists/half multi talented artists.

Jean Marc Virard (JMV) similarly is a talented renaissance man of sorts. Not only does dude run his own music collective Le Branche (featuring two of his personal live acts Panthere and DE SIGNER), but he also manages to kick ass at his roll as Puma's LA fashion/cross-culture brand advocate. The video above is a collaborative effort between a live performance of JMV's Panthere with Cameron shooting the performance in his signature style live at the Commes de Garcons guerilla pop-up shop. Those of you lucky enough to be in the LA area this Friday should stop by one of our favorite bars, R-bar (home of FoundTrack x Puma Thursdays) and check ALL of these dudes out live. Don't forget the PASSWORD is "SUPER STITION"...


  1. THAT IS WASSUH!!!!!!!!

  2. yo i be there for sure!!!! LOVE Those dudes from Le Branché...