Friday, May 15, 2009

DEFA ART x Cali Green

Keep your eyes open and be on the look out for this guy! No, not the three-eyed monster in the painting above but for the Artist who masterminded this wicked Cyclops - Verdell Wright aka DEFA. DEFA is another example of the talent that is emerging from the world of "street graffiti" and kickin down the door into the main stream contemporary art world - "Kick in the door, waiving the 44," in other words they are taking over. Check out our post on KAWS for more talented Graffiti Artist turned Pro Artista.

It looks like Dude in the picture has something on his mind? He is probably thinking the same thing you are - "where can I get my eyes and hands on some of this stuff?" Well DEFA's Art is on display right now at Cali Green in Santa Barbara. Cali Green is a small boutique apparel company inspired by the diversity and creative freedom of Cali living! The designs encompass a mixture of art, music, sports and youth culture while focusing on creating merchandise using environmentally friendly materials that leave less of an impact on the environment.

Check out the picture below showing how Cali Green gets down with supporting artist! The artwork in the picture are some the pieces on display by DEFA at the boutique in downtown Santa Barbara.

Last but not least another close up of DEFA's work. Want to see more? Go check it out for yourself - I can't put the entire exhibition up for ya. G0 get exposed! If your under-exposed and need some art in your life - check out the Downtown LA Artwalk every second Thursday of each month! You can also check out the creative concotion of culture, music, spirits (alcohol) and live art that goes down Thursday nights @ R-Bar in K-town - brought to you by your friends at Puma! I will leave ya with a few words from the Artist DEFA - "Get rich or die painting!"

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  1. this dude is mad sketchy....trouble around...