Thursday, May 7, 2009

NYC Friends- Think Gallery Art Opening 5/8 ft our friend Serge Van Lian

Here's somthing fun for all our New York FoundTrackers: Our good buddy, NYC interior designer Serge Van Lian, will be participating in the Think Gallery X @ Think Coffee exhibit that starts up with an opening reception this Friday from 7-9pm. Checkout his new collaboration piece with photographer Alan Gastelum "LeggoMyEgo" and works from several other fantastic artists! ** UPDATE- PLEASE SEE NOTES FROM THE ARTISTS BELOW...

248 Mercer St. (3rd & 4th Sts.), NYC
Opening Reception: Friday, May 8th, 7pm – 9pm

Piece by Serge Van Lian and Alan Gastelum
Title: leggomyego
Medium: Photograph on Canvas, Glass, Chrome Clamps
24 X 36


The idea is to show people how much ego, our social mask, can really
dominate and ultimately hurt our lives. In the photograph there is a
girl sitting on a fainting sofa examining her skin through a vanity
mirror, completely concerned about her appearance with no regard for
what's going on around her. She's insecure, unhappy, unable to give,
and completely lost.

We captured her in this state, attached her photo to the canvas, and
sealed it in with glass held by chome clamps so the viewer could see
their own reflection in every part of the piece. Finally, we wrote
"leggomyego" on the glass with a white wax pencil to emphasize the
objective. The clamps that hold the glass tightly onto the canvas
represent how strongly we latch onto our ego, and how difficult it is
to let it go.

Photography: Alan Gastelum
Concept and Framing: Serge Van Lian
Model: Rachel Zeiger-Haag
Styling: Summer Brown

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