Friday, May 15, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 15/22) - Black Taxi - Pretty Mama

Black Taxi - Pretty Mama (Track 15/22)
Album - Black Taxi EP (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Self-Release

When in New York, visitors are warned about flagging down the black taxis prowling the streets and offering suspicious rides. This Black Taxi, however, cannot be ignored, especially with their seductive “Pretty Mama”, which has flagged down a spot on FoundTrack’s Winter 2009 Compilation. This year has brought Black Taxi much deserved success. The band consisting of Ezra Huleatt (vocals, trumpet, “etc.”), Bill Mayo (guitar, vocals), Krisana Soponpong (bass), and Jason Holmes (drums, vocals) can celebrate the victorious title of NY’s M.E.A.N.Y Festival Finals champions at Santo’s Party House in NY, bask in the glory of a litany of rave reviews, and boast two EP’s available and well worth your digital dollar on iTunes. It is impossible to characterize Black Taxi’s sound, since each song from their EP melds multiple genres to create unique listening experiences. But, “Pretty Mama” highlights Black Taxi’s bluesy boldness, unconventional lyrical accents, and unmatched instrumental and rhythmic arrangements. The West coast can only wait with envy while Black Taxi entertains the eastside with their shows at the Seaside Tavern in Stamford, CT on May 15th, and the Mountain Jam Festival on May 29 in Hunter, NY. Also included on Myspace are a bevy of live videos, photos, a nod to Foundtrack (We made top friends!), and a quote from the CMJ Top 5 Bands article by yours truly. Check out this live performance of "Wanted Man" on Fearless Music in NYC.

Black Taxi has also landed a couple music placements in, a new comedic web series which is set to launch this summer. Until then be sure to check out to hear our featured "Pretty Mama" in the series teaser/trailer.

-Meijin Bruttomesso

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