Monday, May 4, 2009

FoundTrack's Winter '09 Collection (Track 11 of 22) - Gigi - The Hundredth Time

Gigi - The Hundredth Time (Track 11 of 22)
Album - Maintenant

I remember the first time i listened to our featured "The Hundredth Time", it was as if a firetruck had been approaching. I had to pull my car over, listen closely and wait until Liza Richardson had back-announced the beautiful pop ballad on a mid-winter night, afraid that i might never be able to hear the song again. One hundred times later, it still amazes me to find out that the composition is contemporary, in fact it was an advance from a record that has still yet to be released. Gigi is a side project of Vancouver based songwriter, Nick Krgovich. He is the primary force behind other notable groups To Bad Catholics, P:ano, Burquitlam Plaza, and most recently No Kids. A few years ago after receiving two vintage reverb plates, primary engineer and co-founder of Hive Studios Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Pretty Girls Make Graves) invited Nick and a handful of friends/clients (Great Aunt Ida, Veda Hille, etc.) into the Hive Studio to record some songs with the 60's Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" in mind. Those 600 pound tectonic plates from the late 50's simulate the natural echo chamber heard in a real physical room. Make sure to check out the band's myspace page for the latest updates and details from the upcoming "Maintenant" LP.

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