Thursday, August 23, 2007

2080 - Yeasayer

July 2007 Edition - Track 6
Album: All Hour Cymbals
Label: We Are Free
Release Date: October 22, 2007
Referral: Said the Gramophone

"Its a new year I'm glad to be here" are the opening lyrics to the chorus of 2080. If that year is 2080 i will be glad to be there as well. Yeasayer classifies their music as "visual/gospel/showtunes" with infuences including Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, and Tears for Fears.

I can see how its visual...from the opening of the song i get a dream sequence of me 98 years of fact, its my final dream sequence : ( longing for my late wife with only my everlasting turtle at my bedside i try to carry on when my great grandson comes in to show me an old toy of mine he found in the basement. He then places the red View-Master to my eyes... i see dozens of the most memorable moments in a sequence compiled by divine intervention. As tears stroll down the goggles of the now archaic animation device i hear the gospel of all my grandchildren 4:42 into the song...i remove the toy to see the most the quintessential lasting image of everyone that has ever meant anything in my life on a boat yeasaying that if i don't get my ass over their i will lose all my carflying privileges.

We Are Free is a sister label of Monitor Records. The brand new label has kindly made available a few downloads off Yeasayer's forthcoming album here.
(View-Master sold separately)

Listen and form your own dream sequence

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