Sunday, August 12, 2007

The People - Common

July 2007 Edition – Track 3
Album:Finding Forever (sample/purchase)
Release Date: 7/31/07
Referral: Dan Wilcox - KCRW DJ for "Digging for Fire"

Once again Common proves that he's anything but. "The People" is the new single from his 7th LP, Finding Forever. Kanye West, who layed down production for the track, has predicted that Finding Forever will be coming soon to a Grammy envelope reading "Best Rap Album". The track also features the soulful vocals of R&B singer Dwele. As evidenced in the song, Common has predicted that Kanye is the next Premo (DJ Premier). In the song the socially aware rapper discusses his mission to uplift those around him.

In the video for "The People", Common goes back to the streets he was raised in Chicago and gives a few chest pounds, 5 hugs, 6 handshakes, one high five, and 2 fist kisses resulting in dramatic points to the working class people he sees on the streets. Despite achieving a great deal of success and fame, Common refuses to let it get to his head. He is one of a new breed of rappers who focus on a positive and more spiritual lyrical message instead of nasty behavior :o

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