Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today in Nerd News- The Joker and Batman to 'Pre-Match' in 2008!

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So today someone at Warner Brothers either released or leaked the first publicity still of the Joker and Batman from the new prequel/sequel The Dark Knight which comes out next summer:

It'll be pretty festive to see if 2008's Heath Ledger and Christian Bale will be able to match up to the pure insanity of 1989's Jack Nicholson vs Michael Keaton. For those of you who can't wait the 10 months for the movie to come out, here is one of the first encounters of these masked madmen- a surf battle between the O.G. 60s Batman's Adam West and Cesar Romero as the Joker from 1967- 40 years ago! LOL:

To further satiate your fix, make sure to go to the theater and checkout Bale in Rescue Dawn- It is Werner Herzog's (director of the haunting documentary Grizzly Man) most recent feature and is both a true story and raw depiction of a crashed Navy pilot's fight for survival during the Vietnam War.

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