Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pace is the Trick - Interpol

July 2007 Edition - Track 16
Album: Our Love to Admire (sample/purchase)
Label: Capitol
Release date: July 10, 2007
Referral: www.thabombshelter.blogspot.com

With their third album and their major label debut from capitol, Interpol's Our Love to Admire has put them in a league of their own and i don't mean the madonna baseball movie. However, their upcoming tour schedule will eclipse that of baseball's unclaimed 2007 World Series champion so I'm sure they'll be coming soon to a venue near you. Check their myspace page to see their schedule.

Wouldn't recommend listening to Our Love... after Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" but would recommend wearing a FUBU jacket when listening to Our Love... cuz it grows on you. Pace is fittingly the trick with these NY rockers as they always find a way to to start soft and build up with great layered chord progressions and then they eliminate elements little by little so your back to the core and slow pace of the beginning of the song when finally bringing it all together for an epic ending. I think a lot of their songs could be placed in some of the greatest moments in motion picture history. For Example:

Listen to "Pace is the Trick" (below) and immediately Play this video (above) with or without out sound allowing Interpol to provide the FoundTrack to this epic scene "Over the Top: Stallone vs. Bull Hurley vs. Interpol"

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