Sunday, August 12, 2007

Karameller - Dubben

July 2007 Edition – Track 2
Album: Kollektoren Dub 12" (sample/purchase)
Label: Gamm Enterprises
Release Date: 2006
Referral: Cathy Tamkin Rozansky - Former KCRW DJ for "Pop Secret"

Dubbed the new age brazilian dub studio kings from Bavaria, the Dubben duo tends to mash up classic brazilian tracks with great latin-infused broken beats. Gamm is an underground record label from Sweden which releases various 12" singles. According to Turntable Lab LA,"Gamm is the most trusted name in tasteful dancefloor re-do's." After listening to Karameller, i would have to agree. Finding info. on this band is about as difficult as it was finding the vinyl.

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