Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystic - OFS Unlimited

July 2007 Edition – Track 1
Album: Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label (sample/purchase)
Label: Numero Group
Release Date: 6/5/07
Referral: Other Music

The following letter was written by us and is fictionally conceived in order to shed light on the chosen Track. If you enjoy creative writing of this variety, check out Said the Gramophone blog.

Dear Wally,

Great seeing you last week although i wish it were under different circumstances. I'll never forget those days we came back from playing ball the summer of '73 to your living room and your dad, after having just come back from his long shift would play the most incredible music. I loved the passion with which he spoke about our local music community in Columbus. After one 45 with Mr. Hawkins, i wouldn't even remember motown and chicago soul. I wish you were able to inherit his collection. I know that was a vital bond you two shared.

Thanks to you, I was helping my youngest son move into college a few days following the services and during our road trip, while passing through Wink,TX Charles had offered to play me one of his CD's. My expectations were about as low as the makeshift hoops we played on in those same days of summer in the 70's. Next thing i know, I'm listening to OFS umlimited's know the one with the incredible 12 second drum solo. I couldn't believe my ears. He told me about this label,the numero group, comprised of three record obsessives who re-issue those rare gems from our time on their classic compilations ranging from central american drumming to Canadian chanteuses and even one dedicated to the Prix imprint, which was the cd we were listening to in the car. What a strange twist of fate! We heard Eddie Ray, Marion Black,and even Mitch Mitchell. According to little Chuck, they also have another one for the rival imprint across town, Capsoul. Your father had been such a impressionable figure in my childhood with my lack thereof, enlightening me to many of the lessons I've handed down to Charles. Now its time to let both of them go. Just when i was trying to cope with these losses, i came home and re-read the letter you gave me from him last week. I don't know how Charles and i can ever repay your family for the kind gift. Thank You

Chuck Williams

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