Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alex Roy breaks road speed record from NYC to LA

So earlier today I read this article, and it absolutely amazed me. Apparently, this guy Alex Roy (a famous driver on the renegade road rally circuit), broke the speed record for getting across the country (NY to LA) in a car- 31 hours and 7 minutes. That's an average of 89 miles per hour! The previous record was set in 1983. To be completely accurate, Roy actually set the record in October of last year, but was only able to make the press release now after the statutes of limitations for all the states in which he broke the speeding laws had passed!

I totally understand that this may not be the most responsible or safe pursuit, but regardless, the story totally pumped me up... I mean, this guy is the closest thing to a modern day pirate! His 'pirate ship' was a BMW M5 disguised as a German Police car! What his story to the real police was going to be as to what a German police car was doing in America, I wouldn't know.

31 hours people! 31 hours! I've done the cross country road-trip several times, and my best time was 52 hours!

Roy's ridiculous speed aside, my own trips were definitely memorable and introspective experiences. Last summer, one of my best friends and I drove from DC to LA, through Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Vegas, and much more. The trip was filled with fun misadventures and only one minor scuffle. When I told my FoundTrack Amigo that I wanted to post the aforementioned story on our Blog, he suggested viewing the following music video to Lacquer's "Behind." I watched it, and it definitely captured the feeling of that festive cross country journey last summer:

Want to learn more about Alex Roy's attempt and success at breaking the coast to coast speed record? You're in luck... 1 year after breaking the record, Roy has now released a book that details his exploits in the world of outlaw racing.

Want to know what we were listening to on OUR cross country journey? Truth be told, the very first album of more than 50 we listened to along the way, was our very own July' 06 mixtape

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