Friday, October 12, 2007

New Banksy Piece - a nod to a fallen Artist

Here's an amazing new piece from British Street Artists / Mystery Man, Banksy:

Apparently when Banksy first painted this location he created this:

A few weeks later, another British Graf Artist by the name of Ozone covered it up and wrote "‘If its better next time I’ll leave it." It looks like Banksy took the words to heart and agreed with him. Unfortunately in a truly sad turn of events, Ozone passed away before Banksy was able to put up a better piece. The piece that was eventually painted is a fitting nod to an artist that died carrying out his line of expression. Here's an excerpt from Banksy on his homepage:

"...When we lost Ozone we lost a fearless graffiti writer and as it turns out a pretty perceptive art critic. Ozone-rest in piece."

If you're interested in street art at all, Wooster Collective is an amazing blog with daily updates

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