Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How Band of Horses killed it @ Amoeba

1)Detlef Schrempf
Detlef Schrempf was a crucial player for the Seattle Supersonics in the early 90's but these days he spends most of his time as track 4 on the band of horses new album, Cease to Begin. The song has nothing to do with him but its as beautiful as his white-boy jams which in this picture he's about to do unless Jeff Hornacek is waiting above the rim of course.

Purchase Detlef Schrempf's rookie card here
Purchase Jeff Hornacek's rookie card here

2) Stage Presence
Any time a singer closes their eyes yet looks in depth to try to find a place where their voice can rise....that my a performance..i think i just closed my eyes and made that rhyme....anyhow, back to Ben now ; ) him and the rest of the herd put every ounce into each his own instrument and i became just as interested in their lives as their music. I wanted to travel across country with them and wondered the moment Ben discovered the strength of his voice.

3)They leave me wanting more
Hopefully a live performance of the song "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" when they return to LA in November and maybe a song on their next album called "Sedale Threatt. Tyler Ramsey, who helped out on guitar at the in-store told me after the show that he was going to open for them at the Avalon show on Nov. 24th. Buy tickets here before they sell out.

4) "You make me feel alive"
This was a shout out loud from one of the spectators between songs. Ben Bridwell smiled with his thumbs up in the middle of a song and pointed to a couple who had crammed under the listening booths upstairs to catch sight of his band (two heads above the info. sign)..

5) Mt. Pleasant
The Band of Horses signed my Cease to Begin vinyl insert of their new home where they recorded most of the album... The insert was a photograph of the setting sun hugging the cirrus clouds in Mt. pleasant , SC. I have a feeling this scene produced the lyrics "the world is such a wonderful place" from "Ode to LRC." This is going on Nass' list of places to see before i lied-dee-die.

Hear Band of Horses on the October 2007 MixTape

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