Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not Just a GOOD party @ Natural History Museum

It was a great party put on by the people of GOOD magazine for their first anniversary series, which basically is their way of celebrating their bday the whole week like we do and not just on the actual bday. Only difference is they get to go to different cities like DC, NY, and now LA and rent out the coolest museums in the country. I'm a little late on the GOOD tip but from what i gathered they are a magazine that brings together people with a shared interest in giving a damn and changing the world in whichever way they choose fit. All of the proceeds from subscriptions goes to help the organization of your choice. They also gave away really comfy shirts like the ones "from that team building exercise you did for your old work".

I came to the event to support my buddy Knew-Jack who'd helped with the outdoor playlist but when a little L.A. drizzle turned into a downpour, Natty History was like "You can stand under my um-bur-ella". The shelter housed the wet angelenos, dinosaurs, elephants, bears, moose, and DJ's remixing some naturally historic jams. Squeak E Clean got the party started right and quickly and handed it off to a ridiculous set of pumps and a bump from the Spank Rock DJ's Devlin and Darko.

Check out Spank Rock's new project, Bangers and Cash, for the amazingly filthy track "Bitch" featured on the October '07 edition of the FoundTrack mixtape.

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